Activities on climate actions

Shoolini University has taken a number of steps to combat climate change and its impact by a number of measures like utilising renewable energy sources, reduction in the use of fossil fuels in transportation, community cooking, agriculture practices in developing appropriate drought resistant plant varieties.

Existence of Programmes 

The university has conducted workshops and a webinar series in the field of energy management, clean energy and energy efficiency among the local community. CEEST faculty is also engaged in delivering lectures in external organizations to spread awareness and share knowledge regarding SDG-7,13 related technologies and issues. Details are provided as follows:

1) All India VC’s Conference Related to SDG in collaboration with Association of Indian 

Universities (AIU) hosted by Shoolini University 26-27th Nov. 2021 The university actively promotes UN SDGs and is evident from the various programmes, courses and conferences conducted by the university. As a recent example, the North Zone Vice Chancellors (VCs) Conference sponsored by Association of Indian Universities and hosted by Shoolini University in November 2021 for promotion of role of Higher Education Institutes for implementing SDGs in their campuses and nearby region as well as with collaboration with the government and the industry. The conference was also streamed live on you tube and hosted over 150 VCs and large number of other participants from all over the country (List of research papers, conferences, webinars etc. Provided in Annexure-I, IV,V and VI).

News Link:

Conference Link:

2) Centre of Excellence in Energy Science and Technology also conducts webinars related 

to SDG-7,13 and energy related topics:


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North Zone VCs Conference




Center of Excellence in Enery Science and Technology

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