Community Building Programmes

One person can make a difference and everyone should try one. Students and faculty of Shoolini University live by these principles. They are continually engaged in community activities around the campus to enable growth of the society around them. After all, it’s the small steps that make the highest impact.

Community Learning

Students and faculty of Shoolini University organise evening learning sessions for students in the neighbouring rural area.

Environmental Initiatives

Students undertake environmental initiatives to protect the Himalayan ecosystem. They regularly plant trees in the campus and even geo-tag them for our visitors.

River Cleaning

Shoolini is a responsible member of the Himalayan ecosystem. Hence, we undertake cleanliness drives around the hills and rivers of the state to maintain its ecological sanctity.

Social Drives

Shoolinians host regular social drives with recognised NGOs such as Goonj and YouWeCan. We work towards cancer awareness, garbage collection, donation drives & more.

Community Support

As a community, we often come together to collect donations. We regularly provide blankets for Himachal winters, offer supplies to crisis areas etc.

Infrastructure Support

With the resources available from do-gooders around us, we have been able to create a library in a neighbouring school. Children in the area are now able to access valuable books.

Health & Well-Being

Shoolini University conducts a variety of activities for the welfare of students and society. This has benefited many people in and around the state.

Energy Efficiency

Under the energy policy, all buildings are renovated, designed, and constructed as per energy efficient solar passive and environment-friendly technologies.

CSR Initiatives (Collaborations)

In its efforts of giving back to the society, Shoolini University undertakes an array of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Inclusivity (Gender equality)

Notification letter released by VC of Shoolini University has been provided in support of allowing the use of sports facilities by other educational institutes/ SILB students/ INSPIRE students.

Safe Water

Water is the prime source of existence for mankind. We need water for a majority of activities like agriculture, industries and domestic purposes such as bathing, washing, drinking, etc.

If you wish to make a difference, reach out to us with details of your name, course and area of interest to



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