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Shoolini-Coursera Initiative 

The Shoolini-Coursera Learning Program is an initiative taken by Shoolini University to provide an opportunity for students to learn from global educators through Coursera, the world's leading MOOC platform.

With the vision to offer global exposure and provide outstanding job-relevant content to students, Shoolini has a valuable collaboration with Coursera, a leading brand in online education. This joint venture opens the doors for Shoolini's students to access and enrol in more than 7,000 international-level courses and further their career goals. 

The university has already paid for all these courses, and the students can just pick a program of their choice and join the global learning community. 

Designing the Perfect Learner Journey 

Shoolini University started its journey in online education in 2013, when eUniv, Shoolini's LMS came into operation. The initiative was started by the former president of India, Late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. Since then, it has made rapid strides and blended completely into our academic culture. The platform is enhanced and updated on a regular basis to keep abreast of the dynamic global learning environment.


  • Using specialised technology for delivery improves the quality of education as it allows flexible and self-paced learning, helping students prepare for an in-demand career.
  • Job-relevant online learning for students, faculty, & staff.
  • Industry-specific specialisations from top organisations like Google, IBM, Microsoft. 
  • Professional Certifications, specialisations, guided projects from universities like Stanford, The University of Melbourne, IE Business School.
  • Develop expertise in chosen field of study.
  • Easy & timely access to learning material. 
  • Emphasis on application and problem-solving.
  • Structured approach to curriculum design.


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