BBA vs BCA – Which Has More Scope?

After Class XII, everyone looks for the best career option, right? If you have already chosen the top 2 courses at Shoolini University but are still confused, it’s okay. The battle of BBA vs BCA is never-ending, but the results are always mind-blowing.

If you like coding, technology, computers, and all the tech things, you should go for a BCA study program. However, if you want to deal with people, the market, customer experience, and business, BBA is the perfect match for you.

But what if you are okay with both? In such a scenario, you must decide which study course will give you the maximum outcome.

But before that, you need to analyse at what stage you are in your life. Do you want a job right after you leave college or still have a year or two to gain experience? 

This analysis will give you your answer. Furthermore, as we talk about undergraduate courses, we need to see which sector has more opportunities and chances to grow faster. That being said, let’s dive into the topic.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Scope of BBA

The best way to decide who is better in the battle of BBA vs BCA is to see which study program has more career scope. Bachelor of Business Administration deals with business, human resources, customer experiences, etc.

Studying BBA will give you exposure to the business world, like hotels, e-commerce businesses, banking, consulting, retail, manufacturing, and entrepreneurship. BBA equips students with strong communication, leadership, analytical, and problem-solving skills, making them suitable candidates for management and leadership roles in organisations.

Things You Will Learn:

BBA is all about finances, marketing strategies, driving sales, etc. The BBA program at Shoolini is a 3-year course where you can study subjects like:

  • Business Management
  • Communications Skills
  • Microeconomics
  • Financial Accounting
  • IT Tools
  • Income Tax Law Practice

You will need these skills if you want to excel in your career. If you look closely, you will realise all these practices are fundamental and applicable to almost all the businesses and companies you may apply to. 

Thus, the job scope is vast. But most BBA students are told that they will not get a job because it has no scope. If you don’t have any practical experience, your degree will be useless in the end.

BBA vs BCA, it does not matter how much you compare them. These two are pretty different. BBA graduates also need a strong internship background to crack that interview. Moreover, just going through the books will not help you at all. 

What Shoolini University Offers BBA Students

BCA BBA at Shoolini University

Shoolini, the No.1 Private University in India (THE World University Rankings 2023 & QS World University Rankings 2024), believes that no study program is complete without proper research or practice. It does not matter which subject you are studying, you are eligible for the respective internships and on-field experience that take place on both national and international platforms.

It is mandatory for all students to participate in internships with top companies like:

  • Nestle
  • Cadbury
  • Reliance Jio
  • Blue Star
  • Red Fox, etc.

Shoolini’s BBA program equips students with in-depth knowledge of present management concepts offering varied specialisations in Human Resource Management, Marketing, Finance, Rural Management, Aviation and Management, Banking and Insurance, Computer Science and Entrepreneurship, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, etc.

Moreover, a special skill development program, ‘SPRINT’, trains students for top placement interviews, and the 100% placement promise of Shoolini will surely land you in a reputed company.

Each year, companies like Genpact, Nestle, ICICI Bank, Bank of America, Code Brew, etc. come to Shoolini University. The highest package secured by students is Rs 18 LPA.

Career Opportunities to Explore at Shoolini

  • Higher Studies and Academia
  • Finance
  • Consultancy
  • Banking
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Advertising Consultancy
  • Manufacturing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Sales Sector
  • Export Companies 

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Scope of BCA

BCA or Bachelor of Computer Application comes with various specialisations, making it easier for students to find industry-specific jobs. As previously stated, the modern world is all about computers; if you can master this, nothing can stop you. That being said, let’s look at the specialisation:

BCA Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

BCA with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning specialisation is the best BCA course you can choose. It is a 3-year study program where you will learn machine learning algorithms, computer vision, natural language processing, robotics, etc.

Each semester comprises practicals and winter internships where you will get your hands on some market experience. Apart from that, through Shoolini’s international collaborations, all these internships will add tremendous value to your resume. 

Career Opportunities:

  • ML Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Developer
  • AI and ML Consultant
  • Research Scientist
  • Computer Vision Engineer
  • Natural Language Processing Engineer
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Analyst.

BCA (Full-Stack Developer)

We have all heard how talented full-stack developers are, right? Do you know what they do and what they study? It is BCA. Yes, all those young talented minds are trained through BCA Full- Stack Developer program

BCA Full Stack Developer

A Full Stack Developer is a versatile professional who excels in developing fully functional applications. Their skillset covers both front-end and back-end development for computer systems, allowing you to build robust and user-friendly applications.

At Shoolini University, students gain hands-on experience in both front-end and back-end technologies, mastering languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and various frameworks.

Career Opportunities:

  • App Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Cyber Security Developer
  • Machine Learning Engineer

BCA Gaming & Graphics

People are making glamorous careers by just streaming games online. Can you imagine how this gaming world is going to turn out?  As a game developer, you can secure a never-ending income source.

BCA Gaming and Graphics, a 3-year course will make you a full-fledged game developer. From coding to graphics, you can design everything from scratch. Apart from that, the skills are not limited to game development. You will also learn game design, narrative design, game testing, and many other exciting things.

Here are the job opportunities to choose from:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Design Manager
  • Teacher/Lecturer
  • Film and Video Editor
  • Creative Director
  • Art Director
  • Industrial/Product Designer
  • Multimedia Artist/Animator


You can also enrol in BCA (UI/UX) course if you want to build your career as a UI/UX designer in the digital marketing or IT industry. You will also be able to work on live projects… and this is all a designer needs.

UI/UX designers are the face of any digital product a company makes. How the website will look, what will be the function, and every little detail is in the hands of full-stack developers.

They are both coders and graphic designers. At Shoolini University, students are trained in programming languages like CSS, HTML and other advancements like VR, digital media, etc.

The job opportunities are:

  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer
  • System Analyst
  • App Developer
  • Web Designer/Developer
  • Teacher/Lecturer

BBA vs BCA: Which is Better?

Both study programs are valuable. However, one thing that separates them is a high-paying job right from the start. With a BBA degree, it becomes a bit challenging because salary increments are based on experience.

On the other hand, BCA graduates can claim appraisal through updated skills. But that does not mean that you will get a job right after college. If it’s Shoolini University, the scenario becomes different because Shoolini focuses on giving you real market experience, ensuring your high-paying job from the beginning. 

Final Statement

It does not matter which study program you choose, you need to be attentive to opportunities. Attending lectures and cramming up on theory alone will not help you. The more internships and research programs you can participate in, your career opportunities improve. We ensure you get the best out of your study program. It’s a Shoolini’s promise!

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