Meet Shoolini Prof with 10K Scopus Citations

Heartiest congratulations to Prof Pardeep Singh of the School of Advanced Chemical Sciences for hitting the 10K Scopus Citations mark (Scopus database). This has been possible due to his unwavering dedication, tireless efforts, and steadfast commitment to research.

Scopus is a database of scientific and academic literature maintained by Elsevier. In Scopus, citations serve as a reliable and efficient gauge to evaluate the quality and significance of research. Scopus citations are the most commonly used method to assess the research performance of scientists. A publication with 10K citations on Scopus is considered highly cited, indicating a high impact and influence in its field.

Prof Pardeep quoted, After reaching a milestone of 10K Citations as per the Google Scholar database, the average citation per paper in my case is approx 50. In future, I would like to pace up with the high-end research thrust and strive towards more effective research output. Crediting Shoolini for his achievement, he said the university offered a conducive research-intensive environment that encouraged filing patents and publishing papers.

Prof Pardeep is a shining example, and his work will continue to inspire the next generation of researchers at Shoolini. We wish him continued success and even more impactful research output in the future!

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Shoolini Team
Shoolini Team
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