New Technique Promises Early Breast Cancer Detection

Breast cancer is a growing concern worldwide, which is why early detection plays a crucial role in successful treatment and survival rates. Shoolini University...

Patented! Game-Changing Tech to Detect Drunk Drivers

In an innovative stride toward enhancing road safety, Assistant Prof Brij Bhushan Sharma of Shoolini University has developed and patented a state-of-the-art system to...

A Deep Dive into Shoolini’s Pioneering Summit Research Program

Are you one of those curious science students passionate about research? Do you daydream about venturing into uncharted territories of knowledge, eager to discover...

Shoolini Grad to Present Agri Invention at Tech Summit 

Shoolini University alumni continue to shine with their achievements, and here's another great example. Gaurav Sharma, who graduated with a B Tech Biotechnology with...

Lab to Life: Clean Water Solutions

Access to clean water is one of the greatest challenges humanity will face in the future. Even now, several regions of the world find...

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