Shaping Media Careers at Shoolini School of Media and Communications   

If you’ve ever questioned the future of media careers, it’s time to reevaluate your perspective. At the Shoolini School of Media and Communications, we’re not just adapting to the ever-changing media landscape; we’re actively shaping it. As a leading institution in the field, we demonstrate that Media and Communications is not only a viable career but also a flourishing one with diverse pathways to success. 

In an era where information is the currency of influence and communication bridges diverse cultures and continents, the role of media professionals has never been more critical. Amidst the digital explosion and real-time news dissemination, the demand for skilled journalists and adept communicators is surging. Shoolini School of Media and Communications responds to this growing need with a forward-thinking approach that fuses creativity and technology. We are committed to providing hands-on education that prepares students for the present and future, where innovation is the norm and ethical communication is paramount. 

Director’s Vision: Bridging the Gap in Media Education  

As the Director of the School of Media and Communications at Shoolini University, Nishtha Shukla Anand infuses the curriculum with her visionary approach. She aims to create a media school that nurtures practical skills beyond theoretical instruction, thus effectively bridging the gap between academic learning and industry requirements. Anchored in her belief that a digital-first approach is the future, this philosophy serves as the foundation for the programs offered by the Shoolini School of Media and Communications. 

Comprehensive Approach  

What sets the Shoolini School of Media and Communications apart is its comprehensive approach to media education. The School believes in the power of quality content as the core of any media endeavour. However, in today’s fast-paced communication landscape, the mode of content creation is evolving swiftly. To address this, the School focuses on upskilling students to navigate these changes and create and disseminate innovative information. The School’s unique blend of creativity and technology is the driving force behind its programs.   

Curriculum Aligned with Industry Standards   

The curriculum is designed to align seamlessly with industry standards and emerging trends. Every course is built on two pillars: technology (specifically digital advancements) and entrepreneurship. As technologies like AR, VR, and META emerge alongside shifting content creation landscapes, the School ensures students are equipped with the skills to thrive. The curriculum emphasises entrepreneurship, technology, data analytics, and creativity to enable students to produce engaging content in this ever-evolving space.   

The curriculum includes interactions with visiting experts from various communication fields, including advertising, public relations, photography, graphic design, and corporate communication. This exposure broadens students’ horizons and prepares them for the diverse landscape of media careers.  

Practical Experience, Real Impact: Our Special Internships 

Internship opportunities further enhance students’ readiness for the industry. Partnerships with leading media companies such as News18 TV, ABP, News Nation TV, and more offer students valuable real-world experience and networking opportunities. The chance to step inside newspaper offices and TV/Radio stations provides a tangible feel for the pace and energy of buzzing newsrooms. 

Partnerships for Enhanced Learning   

The Shoolini School of Media and Communications actively collaborates with renowned media organisations and professionals to enhance the learning experience. Discussions with the BBC about a partnership with their diversity program ‘50:50’ and collaborations with The Economist for compelling data programs are in progress. The School also explores partnerships with various Indian industry verticals to offer specialised courses in event management, gaming, and animation.   

Bright Career Prospects for Graduates   

Graduates from the Shoolini School of Media and Communications embark on diverse and exciting career paths as creators, analysts, and editors across industries and media platforms. The curriculum equips them with various media careers such as anchoring, news reading, content writing, and scripting, allowing them to engage with audiences through traditional media outlets. With digital media’s exponential growth, graduates excel in the digital-first landscape, making their mark on online platforms.   

Adapting to the Evolving Media Landscape   

To ensure students are prepared to adapt to the rapidly evolving media landscape, the School maintains an engaging Advisory Board. This board contributes to the development of hands-on learning experiences and provides up-to-date industry insights. The School continuously updates its program and curriculum to reflect the ever-changing media industry, ensuring students acquire relevant skills and knowledge.   

Faculty Expertise   

The school’s faculty comprises professionals from various media fields, including television, print, and academia. This diverse experience enriches classroom learning with practical insights. Renowned experts from Yash Raj Films, Sony Entertainment, Colors TV, The Indian Express, and other esteemed organisations mentor students. This blend of practical experience and academic knowledge fosters a well-rounded media education.   

A Pathway to Multidisciplinary Learning  

Shoolini School of Media and Communications understands the importance of multidisciplinary learning in today’s interconnected world. The institution offers 2+2 study abroad programs and student exchange programs, enabling students to explore diverse academic avenues and cultures while pursuing their passions.  

Comprehensive Placement Support   

Shoolini provides comprehensive placement support for students aspiring to enter journalism careers and media careers. The support extends from developing resumes and honing interview skills to connecting students with potential employers. 

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Real-Life Media Experiences on Campus  

Shoolini School of Media & Communications

The hallmark of Shoolini’s approach to media education is its emphasis on experiential learning. Students are not confined to traditional classroom settings but are actively involved in producing real media content:  

  • Shoolini Newsletter: The students’ role as real reporters shines through the fortnightly Shoolini Newsletter. This publication covers campus news and offers students the opportunity to practice reporting, editing, design, and photography skills. The final product is sent to print at the Indian Express press, giving students a taste of the entire publishing process.  
  • Student-Driven English & Hindi Bulletins: In the pursuit of comprehensive media training, students take on the roles of TV anchors and reporters to create both Shoolini Samvad in Hindi and Shoolini TV in English. This involves reporting, anchoring, video editing, graphic design, and animation using the studio facilities available on campus. These initiatives give students a taste of actual broadcasting and multimedia production.  
  • Radio Shoolini: Shoolini goes a step further by offering students the platform of ‘Radio Shoolini,’ where they highlight their skills as entertainment anchors and interviewers. The radio features interviews with faculty and campus guests, allowing students to develop communication and interviewing abilities.  

These hands-on experiences are not just simulated exercises but mirror real-world media scenarios, equipping students with skills immediately transferable to professional environments.  These skills then help them to build successful media careers.

Diverse Courses for Aspiring Media Professionals 

Shoolini School of Media and Communications offers a range of media and communication courses tailored to meet the needs of aspiring media professionals at various stages of their education:  

Nurturing Future Media Leaders

In an era marked by media transformation, Shoolini School of Media and Communications distinguishes itself as one of India’s premier institutions for media and communication studies. Guided by the director’s vision, the school moulds media professionals who are not only adaptable and innovative but also armed with skills that meet industry demands. Our educational approach enables students to do more than just navigate the ever-changing media landscape; it equips them to excel in it, brightening the future of media and communications.

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