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Internships are an intrinsic part of university education. They offer practical industry experience to students and help them join the global workforce.

At Shoolini University, our goal is to provide valuable opportunities to students that enrich their portfolio and build a professional network. These include the foundational skills essential to map out their career trajectory and future goals in any field or the job market.

Earlier, career preparedness was all about facing a certain level of academic rigor and gaining important life skills. Now, the value of experiential learning has increased manifold. It complements the degree, helps students get hands-on experience and insights into how the industry works.

This is where internships and job shadowing opportunities can play an important role. We, at Shoolini, give our students multiple options to pursue internships with top-notch companies and also internally. Most of these internships offer stipends/monetary benefits to students.


Internship is an integral part of Biotech programs. Students participate in project-based industrial training and submit completion report to claim assigned credits. Students in their 7th semester go to some best companies in the domain for industrial training, spread over 45-60 days.

Management Sciences & Liberal Arts

Engineering & Technology


Pharmaceutical Sciences

Internship at Shoolini is guided by the Pharmacy Council of India. Students complete 150 hours of industrial training with top Indian and global pharmaceutical companies and corporate hospitals. They are expected to submit a completion certificate after their internship-cum-industrial training.

Engineering & Computer Science

Mandatory project-based internship, hackathons and other experience-based learning programs pave way for full-time employment. Students in their third year go for industry training to some of the best companies and learn from their Industry mentors. Our mechanical and electrical students get an opportunity to work on modern machines and equipment that help them navigate their career successfully. Computer students work on projects in software testing, Web development and coding.

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