Literary Odyssey: Rsvika Authors ‘Draupadi’s 13 Relations’

In the realm of literature, a new voice has emerged from the scenic Baru Sahib in Himachal Pradesh. Rsvika Tripathi, an illustrious alumnus of Shoolini University, has stepped into the literary world with her debut novel, ‘Draupadi’s 13 Relations.’ Rooted in the rich tapestry of Indian mythology, Tripathi fearlessly ventures into the depths of Draupadi’s inner world, crafting a mesmerising narrative that sparks contemplation and ignites the imagination.

Rsvika attributes her literary prowess to her alma mater, Shoolini University, where she did her BA (Hons) in English. This is where she fell in love with literature and honed her writing skills.
Reflecting on her formative years, she expresses her gratitude: “The English Department at Shoolini University provided me with a nurturing environment that stimulated my intellectual growth and fueled creativity. Engaging in profound literary discussions, attending insightful classroom lectures, and undertaking thought-provoking assignments allowed me to delve deeper into the realms of literature and refine my craft.”

Rsvika actively participated in the Belletristic sessions organised by the English Department, an esteemed literary society at Shoolini University. This is where she found her voice and became a rapporteur. These experiences honed her storytelling skills, serving as a transformative catalyst on her extraordinary journey as an author.

Rsvika novel delves into the inner world of Draupadi, exploring her thoughts, feelings, and relationships as a woman. “Since childhood, I have been fascinated by epics. But it was only when I started exploring literature that I realised the magnitude of women’s role in our culture. I wanted to bring that to life in my novel,” she said.

‘Draupadi’s 13 Relations’ is an exciting novel that challenges traditional notions of gender and power. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the complex and often contradictory role of women in Indian society.

Shoolini University takes immense pride in the achievements of its talented alumna, Rsvika Tripathi. Her novel, ‘Draupadi’s 13 Relations,’ is a testament to her growth, passion, and the invaluable education she received at the institution. Shoolini University continues to shape young minds and pave the way for future success stories.

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Vaishali Thakur
Vaishali Thakur
Vaishali Thakur is a versatile professional content writer. She crafts captivating content for Shoolini's website, newsletters, and advertising agencies. She has a Bachelors in English Literature from Shoolini University.

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