Placement Vision, Strategies and Goals for 2024 

The annual Placement Season 2023 at Shoolini University stood out for its magnitude and emphasis on diversity. Even before the final examinations, there was...

From Shoolini to the Bank of America!

Meet our illustrious student Firdos Saifi. A true inspiration to all, Firdos story of struggle, determination and success has impacted the lives of...

Meet Shoolini Prof with 10K Scopus Citations

Heartiest congratulations to Prof Pardeep Singh of the School of Advanced Chemical Sciences for hitting the 10K Scopus Citations mark (Scopus database). This has...

Shoolini Students Get Placed With Top Pharma Companies

Om Kumar Jha We interviewed Dean and Professor of School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Dr Deepak Kapoor to understand the career opportunities and expansion of the...

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