Khosla Sir, Keep the Prerna Flowing!

Shoolini University celebrated ‘Prerna Diwas’ on February 18th, marking the birthday of our Founder and Chancellor, Prof PK Khosla. The campus was alive with excitement and energy as we reflected on the extraordinary journey led by Prof Khosla. To keep the ‘Prerna’ (inspiration) flowing, Shoolini IMPACT got the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Prof Khosla and discuss a topic close to his heart — the university’s research aspirations and strategies for the upcoming year.

Q.1 As we begin the new academic session in 2024, could you share insights into the university’s vision and strategic priorities for the coming years?

As the Chancellor of Shoolini University, I am proud to say that we are now India’s No.1 Private University, according to the prestigious Times Higher Education World University Rankings and QS World University Rankings. My goal is to make Shoolini a global leader in research. We aspire to publish 2000 research papers, with at least 1500 in the highest Q1 quality category. Currently, our research is spread across Q1 and Q2 journals, but we aim to transition all publications to the esteemed Q1 category. Additionally, we have set an ambitious target to secure 1000 granted patents within the next five years. I also want to stress the importance of prioritising quality research and adopting recognised parameters for Indian universities.

Q.2 How does the university encourage innovation and handle the patent filing process for inventions created by faculty and students?

We have a three-pronged approach: Filing patents, publishing patents, and getting patents granted. Initially, the Education Ministry focused on patent filing, but now the emphasis has shifted towards publishing and granting patents. We started by filing patents and have filed over 1300 patents with our students and faculty members. However, last year, we shifted our focus to getting these patents granted.

Shoolini University recently celebrated a milestone with the grant of its 83rd patent by the Indian Patent Office. Our research strengths include areas like water management, energy and power, herbal medicine, and innovative management practices. Our campus has top-notch research facilities, plenty of grant and funding opportunities, and strong support networks that turn research into practical innovations.

We’re also promoting research at the undergraduate level. I strongly believe that involving undergraduate students in research and patent filing can improve their education and learning. I can assure any student who has published patents that they have a good chance of getting into top-tier world universities like Harvard and Oxford.

Q.3 Can you highlight any recent breakthroughs or notable achievements in the university’s research?

My dream that someday someone from Shoolini would publish a research paper in Nature journal was realised when Lokender Kumar, both a postgraduate student and faculty member at Shoolini, achieved this after 15 years. Nature is a highly respected scientific journal known for its rigorous review process. It has a high impact factor and is ranked highly among other journals. Getting published in Nature is a sign of high-quality and significant research. In the last five years, Nature has published 15,000 papers worldwide, but only 140 were by Indian authors. Asst Prof Kumar’s paper is one of these few, which is a remarkable achievement for the Indian scientific community.

Q.4 Collaboration is key in driving impactful research. Can you discuss any collaborative research initiatives or partnerships?

Shoolini University has a strategy that focuses on collaboration with Eastern countries. We believe that knowledge is not just in the West but also in the East, so we have formed many partnerships with Eastern countries like Seoul National University in South Korea, Chung Yuang Christian University in Taiwan, Lanzhou University in China, Bukovinian State Medical University Chernivist in Ukraine, Kabul University in Afghanistan, Samara National Research University in Russia, and so on.

In 2023, Shoolini University made important partnerships with universities around the world to expand its global reach. The university signed agreements with over 25 prestigious institutions, like the University of Melbourne in Australia, University of Sains in Malaysia, University of Salford in the UK, CQ University in Australia, Royal Holloway University of London in the UK, and Central Florida University in the USA. These collaborations allow Shoolini students to connect with top-notch academic institutions worldwide.

Q.5 What is your message to students considering Shoolini University for higher education?

My message is simple: every student should experience the journey of research. When you’re curious, you observe, ask questions, experiment, and learn. This process can lead to discoveries that could significantly impact the world. Research is important because it improves society, drives the economy, sparks innovation, and solves everyday problems.

Engaging in research allows students to learn deeply. They get to test new ideas and see how they work. Every day, people make new discoveries, especially in science, and research is what makes that possible.

Teaching, research, and the practical application of research are the three equal pillars of higher education. Good education, combined with strong research and its practical use for commercial purposes, forms a cohesive unit.

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