SPRINTTM (Skill Progression through Rapid Intensive and Innovative Training)

With intensifying competition and changing technologies, employment opportunities for the youth have become dynamic. Openings are equally limited and levels of expertise are on the rise. The economic uncertainties, coupled with an acerbic political scenario have made matters worse. As a result, companies are forced to hire individuals with varied skills and work below their expected capacity to meet business objectives.

Adopting new skills and attitudes is now inevitable to success, and will prove to be more critical in the years to come. Thus, it has become pivotal for graduates and postgraduates to possess requisite skills to be able to actualize their talent. In fact, keeping in mind the current education and job picture, suitable job-related skills complement a formal degree in any discipline, increases career opportunities.

An Accelerated Development Program and credit course at Shoolini University SPRINTTM is inspired by Stanford's mini-MBA program to help students reach their potential, gain knowledge, practical skills and confidence required to thrive in the competitive corporate world. The program complements academic studies and career ambitions and also help students develop a raft of competencies to upgrade their capabilities.

SPRINT comprises several academic and social events along with exhaustive subject matter sessions to help broaden students' horizon. Implemented by School of Business Management and Faculties of Pharmaceutical, Basic and Applied Sciences, SPRINT comprises targeted sessions along with intensive coaching of relevant course-related concepts. Our frequent interaction with Industry experts provide exposure, awareness, and helps in understanding the requirements of the corporate world. As a team-based program, it ensures learning takes place in group dynamics.



To train our students and scale up the employability skills for"Best in Class" careers



The aim of keeping SPRINTTM as a credit course is simple. At the end of his/her graduation from Shoolini University, a student should be able to:

  • Exhibit professionalism in speech and behavior
  • Effectively exhibit written and verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrate subject knowledge and functional skills
  • Develop and exercise leadership qualities
  • Demonstrate the ability to use and leverage technology
  • Work cohesively in a team
  • Crack relevant competitive exams



The objectives of an induction program are manifold. Normally an induction program would provide the new students information to accustom themselves in their new environment. This program sets the scene and connects the students with their peer group and faculty. It sets the context for the rest of the program and prepares the students for rigorous of academic study. Since students from diverse academic streams join the university this program also lays the foundation for some of the courses the students take up in the first year. Fun and games are also a part of the SPRINT students discover their campus and break the ice with faculty and peer group with various activity.



The dictionary meaning of 'Transformation' is "a marked change in form, nature or appearance". Hence the focus of this 'SPRINT' is to make the program a meaningful experience that results in the desired outcome on both soft and technical skills. It will result in students feeling more competent and confident. Roleplays, group discussions, practical exercise in MS office Power Point presentations makes this program a wholesome experience.


At the end of the program a student should be able to:

  • Make appropriate use of MS office
  • Use social media effectively for personal use (Twitter, Instagram, Linked in etc.)
  • Deliver effective presentations
  • Present a well-groomed and professional image
  • Keep an edge in leveraging technology


Selling Skills

Selling is a wonderful profession with rich rewards and a career that grows by leaps and bounds. However, selling is also a widely misunderstood term which creates a distorted image in the minds of students. They do not look at it as an ideal career path. This SPRINT aims to highlight a career in sales which does not only present the possibility of economic success but also gives personal satisfaction and provides professional growth. Although there are several misconceptions about the sales profession, it is undeniable that a career in sales offers many benefits and rewards that no other profession can match. Hence with exposure to the opportunities in sales, bursting the myths and giving them practical exposure the students are expected to develop an inclination towards this exciting option in their careers.


At the end of the program a student should be able to:

  • Develop a scientific approach towards selling (Sales Cycle)
  • Overcome the myth and fear for sales
  • Develop a go getter attitude
  • Demonstrate salesmanship and spirit



Getting an internship is first the beginning and it is not the most important part of the process. If an intern can prove his worth, he can become a truly sought after candidate for permanent placement. The company will be willing to invest in him if they see that he has put in work and invested time and effort in the company. Since the professional world can be very different from life in the university it is important to understand these differences and be prepared. Thus, this SPRINT aims to prepare the students to go through their internship successfully. They are encouraged to clarify their expectations, ask relevant questions, make a good first impression, be observant and behave appropriately. Most importantly they are made to establish relationships and build strong networks with professionals.


At the end of the program a student should be:

  • Aware of the business/strengths and challenges of the organization
  • Familiar with current affairs and market trends
  • Able to develop a go getter attitude
  • Confident to make an entry into the corporate world


Business Plan

The Business Plan 'SPRINT' is designed for students to explore the option of entrepreneurship. It covers the essential steps including drafting the original document; identifying the audience; gathering information; researching; describing product plans; and marketing, sales, HR and Financial plans. It will teach participants how to research and analyze the individual components needed for a business plan and apply skills to create a business plan for different audiences, including investors, banks, and another stakeholder. They will be able to explain the purpose and future of their business in easy to understand and describe their marketing, sales, and planning strategies.


At the end of the program a student should be able to:

  • Work on the various dimensions involved in a Business Plan
  • Determine viability of a new business idea
  • Develop plans and strategies for setting up a new business



The main difference between a leader and manager is that a leader can identify problems, propose solutions and implement in a way that others choose to trust and follow him. If business has to grow than one needs more leaders and fewer managers. This fast paced and highly interactive 'SPRINT' helps the students to identify their strengths and refine them for greater effectiveness. It will also sharpen their communication and people's skills and help them to evolve as better leaders.


At the end of this program a student should be able to:

  • Exhibit responsible decision making styles
  • Exhibit the ability to work with those who are different from    themselves
  • Demonstrate an understanding of group dynamics and effective teamwork
  • Cultivate a sense of self-awareness through identifying a leadership vision, mission, style and values.
  • Develop a range of leadership skills and abilities such as effectively handling stress, resolving conflict, and motivating other



The Placements SPRINTis an intensive program that is customized to the needs of students. This training is essential for student to crack any job interview and achieve his/her career goals.Frequent visits by expert's guest faculty lend exposure to students, opening a multitude of avenues for them to know the latest management practices &corporate culture. The senior corporate leaders also share their experiences and prepare the student for the highs and lows that a student may face as he steps into the corporate world. Rigorous sessions of group discussions and mock interviews are conducted and played back to the students. This works as instant feedback and the students can identify their areas of concern and improvement. Case studies that deal with real situations, role plays and simulations are an active ingredient of this program.


At the end of the program a student should be able to:

  • Exhibit the industry admired behavior and competency
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively
  • Develop relevant skills to compete in the campus recruitment 
  • Recognize industry expectations
  • Face interviews confidently and get a placement of his choice

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