Faculty Interviews

Khosla Sir, Keep the Prerna Flowing!

Shoolini University celebrated ‘Prerna Diwas’ on February 18th, marking the birthday of our Founder and Chancellor, Prof PK Khosla. The campus was alive with...

Placement Vision, Strategies and Goals for 2024 

The annual Placement Season 2023 at Shoolini University stood out for its magnitude and emphasis on diversity. Even before the final examinations, there was...

Charting the Future with Online & Distance Education

Shoolini University’s Centre of Distance and Online Education, inaugurated this year, is another step towards a more inclusive, adaptable, and affordable education paradigm. Spearheading...

Meet DSW Poonam Nanda, Role Model, Mentor & Guide

Poonam Nanda is an extraordinary individual who wears multiple hats as the Dean of Student Welfare (DSW) at Shoolini University. With a remarkable background...

Meet Prof Saurabh: Shaping Global Scientists

Meet Saurabh Kulshrestha, the Dean for Research and Development at Shoolini University, and a renowned Biotechnology professor. Hailing from Roorkee in Uttarakhand, his subject...

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