Exciting Research Courses in India After 12th

Motivated by the desire to change the world with your research, you might have opted for science during high school. From studying anatomy in biology class to conducting chemistry experiments in the lab, scientific exploration ignited a spark within you — a need to unravel the mysteries of the universe and make a meaningful impact around you.

Standing at the crossroads after completing 12th grade, you are surrounded by an array of research courses in India. This is the doorway to exciting adventures, where every step leads to discoveries and possibilities. But where do you begin?   

This blog will help you explore exciting research courses in India after 12th. Let’s go through the research courses and , where amazing discoveries await.

Exploring Research Courses after 12th in India   

No matter where your interests lie, top research courses in India are waiting for you. Do you love science and want to dig deep into its mysteries, or are you more interested in understanding people and society, and mixing technology with humanities? You can find the perfect fit.  

In these courses, you’ll explore a variety of fascinating topics. For instance, science courses may cover the intricacies of human anatomy or the dynamics of planetary motion. Social science courses delve into diverse cultures and societal structures, examining human interactions across contexts. Meanwhile, in technology and humanities courses, you’ll investigate the impact of technology on society and discover innovative ways to address major challenges.

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Here are some of the most prominent research courses in India after 12th:   

  1. B Tech Biotechnology: This 4-year course blends the fundamentals of biology with technology. It covers a broad range of topics, such as molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, bioprocess engineering, bioinformatics, and biotechnology-based industries. 
  2. BSc Microbiology: Microbiology deals with the study of microorganisms to harness their benefits for the betterment of human beings. This program opens research opportunities in fields like Plant Biotechnology, Animal Biotechnology, Enzyme technology, Immunology, Parasitology, Cancer biology and more.   
  3. B Tech Food Technology: It involves a blend of various disciplines such as chemistry, biology, microbiology, and engineering to ensure the safety, quality, and nutritional value of food products.    
  4. BSc Nutrition & Dietetics: This course helps to explore the relationship between the body and food. It involves the study of food management, maintaining and improving health through nutritious food, enhancing the quality of life and overall well-being by advocating a healthy diet and exploring healthier dietary modifications.  
  5. B Tech Bioinformatics: B Tech Bioinformatics is a 4-year program that combines innovations based on information technology and computer science progressions along with the principles of biology. It involves genome sequencing, data retrieval and maintenance, computational biology, databases and many more.   
  6. BSc Botany: In this course, students get in-depth knowledge of the physiology and anatomy of plants. BSc Botany curriculum is aligned with research and the rising needs of the industry. This can be either a 3-year or a 4-year program.   
  7. BSc Zoology: If you are interested in studying living and extinct animals while gaining insights into their interaction with respective ecosystems, then this is the right course for you. The research opportunities include Diversity of Invertebrates and Vertebrates, Comparative Anatomy, Human Physiology, Cell Bio and Genetics, Biodiversity conservation, Evolutionary Biology and many more.   
  8. BA/BSc Behavioural & Neuro Psychology: BA/BSc Behavioural and Neuropsychology is a 3-year undergraduate program. This highly interdisciplinary field focuses on interactions among thoughts, emotions, perceptions and behaviours.  
  9. BA/BSc Clinical Psychology: This course equips you with a foundational understanding of clinical psychology. Through a combination of theoretical coursework and practical experiences, you can learn about psychological disorders, therapeutic techniques, research methods, and ethical considerations in the field.    
  10. B Tech Artificial Intelligence: This 4-year program combines computer science fundamentals with AI concepts, algorithms, and applications to enable students to contribute to advancing AI technology and its real-world implementations.    

Additionally, Shoolini University offers the Summit Research Program (SRP), an exceptional initiative that enables students to engage in high-quality research right from the first year of their undergraduate studies. Participants can publish papers and file patents, building a strong foundation in research and innovation early in their academic careers.

Know More About Shoolini’s Summit Research Program (SRP)    

The Summit Research Program (SRP) is the first Undergrad Research Program offered by the No.1 research university in India, Shoolini University. This is a four-year, fully residential flagship program. It allows undergrad students to participate in high-quality research, publish papers and even file patents from the first year under the guidance of a personal mentor. They gain exposure to global research environments, learn paper writing and publication skills and interact with esteemed research experts worldwide.  

The program comprises intense and dedicated research work. The curriculum is designed by the Top 2% Scientists of the World (Standford University, 2021). Students are taught and mentored by highly experienced faculty of research-oriented postdocs from top national and international institutions such as NIH USA, IISc, IIT, and ISB. Shoolini’s SRP prepares students for careers as professional biotechnologists, microbiologists, and future scientists.  

Aligned with the National Education Policy (NEP) and UGC regulations, the SRP program adheres to high-impact progressive research models. Unlike traditional approaches, it provides students with early hands-on research opportunities, empowering them with practical skills to tackle real-world challenges.

Why Choose Shoolini for Your Research Course?   

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Top-notch Rankings  

Shoolini University is the No.1 Private University in India (as per the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings and QS World University Rankings). According to QS World University Rankings Asia 2024, Shoolini is No.1 in India and No.5 in Asia in Citations per Paper. Also, THE Subject Rankings 2023 ranks Shoolini No.1 in Engineering and Life Sciences. These rankings make the University an ideal destination in India to study research courses.   

Advanced Infrastructure   

The advanced infrastructure at Shoolini has 104+ laboratories and 11 Centres of Excellence, all with ultra-modern facilities. The RC Oswal Centre of Nanotechnology, set up in collaboration with Vardhman Textiles Ltd., provides advanced facilities for Research and Development in the Himalayan region. It also promotes the testing of nanomaterials and nanoproducts to meet global research standards.  

World-class Faculty  

The world-class faculty at Shoolini comprises academicians, industry experts, scientists, postdoc researchers and professionals who are alumni of esteemed institutions like Oxford, IITs, IIMs, IISc, NIH (USA), National Cancer Institute (USA) and many others.   

One-Student One-Patent Norm   

Under this norm, the university encourages students to conduct research and file patents from the first year of their undergraduate degree. Shoolini students and faculty have filed over 1500 patents so far. Here are some of the top research stories by our esteemed faculty and star students:   

  • Patent star, Akarsh Sharma, has filed 21 patents, among which 10 patents have been granted. Read the full story!
  • Shoolini researchers filed a patent for an advanced water purification technique utilising photocatalysis. Read here!
  • Shivani Devi, PhD Scholar, identified a new genus and species of ‘harvestmen’, a remarkable addition to the scientific community’s understanding of these unique creatures. Click here to read more!

Global Collaboration  

Shoolini University has strong academic relationships with over 250 universities in 28 countries. These partnerships offer students chances to study abroad at top foreign universities with scholarships. Shoolini collaborates with top institutions like the University of Melbourne, the University of Arkansas, Gachon University, Western Sydney University, and more.  

Grants and Funds   

The University receives various grants like PURSE and SERB, and funds from government sources to support its research endeavorus. These grants often facilitate collaborations with other academic institutions and industry partners, further enhancing the impact of the research conducted.   

24/7 Library with EBSCO Access  

The Yogananda Library is open 24/7 for students to access knowledge whenever they need it. It houses around 3 million book titles in both physical and electronic formats, along with over 9,000 e-journals available through USA-based EBSCO and DELNET databases.  

Lucrative Placements  

Shoolini offers 100% placement to the students. ‘Mission 130’ aims at 100% employability with 30% placements in top companies. To quote a few examples, students get placed in renowned companies like Biocon, Piramal, NecLife, Nestle, SRL Diagnostics, PepsiCo, Patanjali, Panacea Biotec, and Biogentec.

Wrapping Up  

Enrolling in research courses after 12th gives you a chance to learn and grow. Whether you want to study living cells, tackle real-world problems, or discover something extraordinary, there’s so much you can do. It’s like stepping into a world full of excitement and opportunities. Shoolini is among the best research colleges in India, offering exciting research courses with a growth-focused and research-oriented ecosystem.   

So what are you waiting for? Follow your passion. Act now. Your journey not only shapes your future but can also change the world.

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