Shoolini University Hosts Transformative Acupressure Workshop

The Yogananda School of Spirituality and Happiness (YSSH) at Shoolini University recently organised a transformative five-day Acupressure workshop that drew enthusiastic participation from over 40 students and faculty members. The workshop focused on theoretical principles and practical applications of acupressure for alleviating various ailments. Shoolini Founder Chancellor Prof PK Khosla, Founder President and Trustee of the Foundation for Liberal Sciences and Business Management (FLSBM) Saroj Khosla, and President (Innovation and Learning) Ashish Khosla were among the prominent attendees. 

Expert facilitators from Orissa Swasthya Seva Sangh (OSSS) led the sessions, including Saumitra Das, Bikash Kumar Sahoo, Leena Sahoo, and Shreya Singh. Through a seamless blend of interactive studies, practical applications, and moments of fun and enjoyment, participants gained invaluable insights and skills. They explored the intricate connections between the human body and vital nerves while learning hands-on healing techniques. 

The workshop’s teaching methodology captivated attendees, who dedicated three hours daily to learning and an additional hour for practice. Participants applied their newfound knowledge in daily treatment sessions, witnessing remarkable results and experiencing quick relief from various ailments. 

The event also welcomed international visitor Alejander Stockhoder from Mexico, who participated in the program. All participants were honored with participation certificates, marking their commitment to holistic healing practices and their dedication to promoting acupressure therapy. 

Yogananda School of Spirituality and Happiness Director Prof Saamdu Chetri emphasised the workshop aimed to enhance the knowledge of yoga students and raise awareness about this subtle yet effective form of treatment. “We are planning another workshop in January for faculty and staff to extend its benefits to the Himalayan region, particularly free services in Himachal Pradesh,” said Prof Chetri. 

Explore a Stronger Future with Yoga at Shoolini University   

In today’s competitive world, where lifestyle diseases and long hours in front of screens are the norm, he said yoga has emerged as a panacea. It’s no wonder that careers in yoga are gaining popularity, especially after the COVID pandemic heightened awareness about the benefits of holistic living. As people worldwide embrace this ancient practice for its ability to build muscle strength, improve flexibility, and boost mental clarity, the demand for skilled yoga professionals is on the rise, he added. 

Rise in Demand for Yoga Professionals   

A career in yoga is fast emerging as a viable choice, offering personal fulfilment and professional growth. With yoga now being integrated into healthcare systems globally, qualified yoga teachers are in demand across schools, colleges, wellness centres, and corporations. However, a recognised certification is crucial to pursue a career in yoga. Shoolini University’s holistic and job-oriented programs in yoga provide an ideal platform for aspiring professionals to start their journey. 

Yoga Courses at Shoolini University   

Best University for Yoga in India - Shoolini

Shoolini University, ranked India’s No.1 Private University by the Times Higher Education and QS World University Rankings, offers comprehensive yoga courses with a vast career scope: 

  1. BA/BSc (Hons) Yoga: Ideal for students who have just completed their 12th standard, this course provides a strong foundation in yogic sciences. The curriculum covers ancient Indian wisdom, philosophy, and practical training to prepare students for careers in yoga instruction and therapy. 
  2. MA/MSc Yoga: A postgraduate program that deepens knowledge and skills in yoga. Students specialise in therapeutic yoga, research, or teaching, benefiting from the mentorship of Shoolini’s distinguished faculty. 
  3. PhD Yoga: For those aiming to contribute significantly to yoga research and education, the PhD program combines rigorous academic study with practical training. Students work closely with faculty to explore innovative solutions in yogic sciences. 

Unique Features of Shoolini’s Yoga Programs   

Shoolini University, home to the Yogananda School of Spirituality and Happiness, stands out for its integrated approach to yoga education:

  • Research Centre in Yoga: Established in 2016, the centre blends ancient Indian philosophy with modern academic rigour, fostering an environment where students can explore inner exploration and personal growth. 
  • Top Global Faculty: With PhD professors specialising in yoga, the university has the most qualified faculty in India, offering unparalleled mentorship and guidance. 
  • 100% Placement Assurance: Shoolini University ensures yoga students are placed in reputable schools, wellness centres, and corporate organisations worldwide. 
  • International Exposure: Student exchange programs and collaborations with foreign universities offer students global exposure and growth opportunities. 
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Morning yoga sessions, theory classes, and NET preparation support are part of the well-rounded curriculum that ensures holistic development. 
  • Engaging Events: Yoga Day, Naturopathy Day, and special yoga workshop/sessions offer students platforms to showcase their talent and gain practical experience. 

Why Choose Yoga as a Career?   

Besides offering a distinct career path, yoga provides a fulfilling opportunity to nurture body, mind, and soul while helping others achieve better health. Here are some compelling reasons to consider a career in yoga: 

  1. Higher Earnings: Yoga experts command attractive salaries due to the high demand and limited supply of qualified professionals. 
  2. Self-Awareness: Practicing yoga leads to heightened self-awareness, guiding individuals toward positive emotions and life goals. 
  3. Travel Opportunities: Professional yoga instructors are welcomed worldwide, providing ample opportunities to travel and teach in countries like the USA, UK, and Australia. 
  4. Physical and Mental Growth: Continuous practice helps overcome physical challenges and promotes mental clarity. 

Build a Stronger Future at Shoolini University   

Shoolini University’s job-oriented yoga programs help students transform their passion for yoga into successful careers. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a BA/BSc (Hons) Yoga, MA/MSc Yoga, or PhD Yoga, the Yogananda School of Spirituality and Happiness offers a nurturing environment for academic and personal growth.  

Join us today to shape your career and contribute to a healthier, happier society.

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