One of India’s most dynamic learning environments, Shoolini University offers world-class, thought-inspiring infrastructure that integrates with our eco-system and promotes 21st century learning. Our award-winning clean and green campus is at par with international standards. The one-of-a-kind Yogananda Library enables 24X7 learning in a technology environment. The state-of-the-art Seminar Complex and Amphitheatre provide collaborative learning and performances.

Cancer Research Centre utilises medicinal wealth of Himalayas

This leading research and innovation-driven university of the country has a state-of-the-art Cancer Research Centre on the campus. Equipped with cutting-edge technology to utilise the medicinal wealth of the Himalayas for the treatment of cancer, this facility houses five different research groups actively engaged in the research on various aspects of cancer biology, like herbal cancer therapy, cancer immunotherapy, drug delivery and chemical biology group. The goal of this top-notch, innovative, and pioneering research centre is to develop better formulations to control different forms of cancer by innovative cancer therapies. The vision is to improve the quality of life worldwide and become a Centre of Excellence in cancer research in the country and across the globe.x

eStudios… the future of e-learning!

Our fabulously innovative eStudios are set to take online education to the next level. Equipped with every technological advancement like high-speed Internet, Ethernet, whiteboards, lightboards for seamless online lectures, these beautifully designed eco-friendly log huts provide a unique learning experience. A total of 50 eStudios are being built on the campus, creating the future of education. Shoolini University ranks # 1 among India’s Top 10 private higher education institutions for Excellence in IT-Enabled Learning in the Education World India Higher Education Grand Jury Awards 2020-21.

Learn a foreign language

Language Labs are advanced learning spaces that offer facilities for the foreign language learning needs of students and faculty members. Anyone can learn new languages here. Currently, Shoolini also provides assisted learning in three languages — German, Spanish and Mandarin.

Talent galore at Media Centre

An in-house radio and news channel called Radio Shoolini, is run by the department of Journalism and Mass communication, bringing out regular newsletters and video news bulletins. Our talented students produce, direct and perform regularly in radio shows to showcase their immense talent. Advanced technology and equipment are available in video editing to train and guide students in the production of video news bulletins.

eUniv: Unique 24x7 learning platform

eUniv is based on the latest version of Moodle, the world's #1 open source learning management system. It was set up in 2013 with the intention of using cutting-edge technology for teaching. Over the years, we have made rapid progress in this domain. Specially prepared lectures are uploaded in video or PPT format on the platform, giving students access to the learning material 24/7. This unique platform has been developed by the University’s technology team along with AADDOO, our partner organisation.

Fun unlimited at Amphitheatre

The amphitheatre comes alive during stage performances such as outdoor festival celebrations, cultural programmes, theatrical performances and musical concerts. Students and faculty put their best foot forward during performances, bringing the university’s community together. With a seating capacity of more than 500, the amphitheatre is an excellent place for everyone to have some amazing times together and make fun memories.

Yogananda Ville: In sync with nature

Designed organically, the earthy and peaceful huts at the top of the campus are the perfect spaces to derive inspiration and meditate. One feels in sync with nature and the beautiful environs. We often attend to our guests at these attractive huts created from wood. Constructed to fit perfectly into the green and pollution-free environs of the Himalayas, we also have open platforms to practice and learn Yoga, the way to a healthy mind, body and soul.

State-of-the-art Seminar Complex

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Seminar Complex has two state-of-the-art auditoriums and three seminar rooms, with a total capacity to seat over 500 people. Shoolini University also has a Ratan Tata Hall, Peter Drucker Hall, and an Open Air Theatre. The university Cineplex offers high quality audio and visual experience to its audience and students thoroughly enjoy the screening organised there from time to time.

24X7 learning at Yogananda Library

The vibrant ambience at the Yogananda Library, Shoolini University, inspires and motivates everyone. This one-of-a-kind EBSCO Online library has over one million publications. With state-of-the-art technology, the library enables 24x7 learning. The five-storied building is an architectural marvel and has featured on the cover of "Roof and Facade" Asia and hosts a faculty club and terrace lawns as well. Explore the innovative learning environment at Shoolini University!

Cleanest Campus Award by Swachh Bharat Survey

Shoolini University takes pride in being one of India's most inspiring and cleanest campuses. We are known as the green campus because we produce two times more electricity than we consume. In fact, Shoolini was awarded one of India's cleanest campuses under the Swachh Bharat Survey conducted by the Government of India. We stress on environmental sustainability through green initiatives, employing numerous practices in favour of the environment through activities ranging from recycling to energy efficiency, transport and water. The watchword on the campus is ‘Go Green’, and all students, faculty, management and staff work tirelessly to make this a reality.

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