Stellar Faculty Drives Academic Excellence in 2023

At Shoolini University, we consistently honour and celebrate our faculty’s achievements. These dedicated individuals, all leaders in their respective fields, have played a huge part in Shoolini University’s recognition as India’s No.1 Private University.

In 2023, our faculty members have added numerous accolades to the Shoolini cap. So, our esteemed faculty members, the spotlight is on you as we highlight your exceptional accomplishments.

1. Lalit Sharma Highlights Alzheimer’s Research at AAIC 2023

Associate Professor Lalit Sharma from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences significantly impacted the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2023 in Amsterdam. His research on novel compounds targeting amyloid beta aggregation showcased the potential for slowing down the progression of this neurodegenerative disease. Among 10,000 participants, he received a conference fellowship from the Alzheimer’s Association, recognising his innovative approach.

2. Researchers Make Waves with Publication in ‘Nature’ Journal

Professor Deepak Kumar and his student Vivek Panwar’s collaborative research was published in the journal ‘Nature’, renowned for its impressive impact factor of 40. This noteworthy contribution was a significant milestone for the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The research article, titled ‘Multifaceted role of mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin) Signalling Pathway in Human Health and Disease, delves into the intricate functions of the mTOR signalling pathway across various facets of human health, with a specific emphasis on its role in cancer. The ‘Nature’ publication grabbed the attention of both the global scientific community and the general public.

3. Asst Prof Ekta Singh Takes Shoolini to Global Platform

Assistant Professor Ekta Singh from the Chitrakoot School of Liberal Arts co-convened the XXI International Union for Quaternary Association (INQUA) at Sapienza University in Roma, Italy. She led a session on challenges and resolutions related to dating techniques in the Quaternary Period.

The session received an overwhelming response with 32 papers, fostering lively discussions and potential collaborations. The conference focussed on understanding geological and environmental changes over the Quaternary Period, spanning around 2.6 million years.

Asst Prof Singh presented her research on Spiti Valley in a session focusing on the Silk Route area. Engaging with scholars worldwide, she actively discussed challenges in the trans-Himalayan region. This experience showcased her work and opened doors for future collaborations and publications.

4. Rohit Sharma: A trailblazer in Biotech Research on Human ageing

Assistant Professor Rohit Sharma’s research paper earned a citation in the prestigious journal Nature Reviews Nephrology. Titled ‘A Cellular Senescence-Centric Integrated Approach to Understanding Organismal Aging’, this research provides valuable insights into the factors influencing the ageing process, paving the way for future discoveries and inventions related to ‘longevity’. Notably, the project, with a funding of Rs 107 Lakh, received support from the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

5. Shoolini Researcher on Environmental Mission to South Korea

Assistant Professor Sunil Kumar Sharma from the School of Advanced Chemical Sciences earned the SERB International Research Experience (SIRE) fellowship for 2023-2024. He is geared up to address vital environmental concerns through his research alchemy.

This fellowship, supported by SERB and the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, provides him with the chance to spearhead innovative research at the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Hanyang University in South Korea.

6. 13 Shoolini Scientists on Standford’s 2% Scientists List

Thirteen faculty members from Shoolini University were acknowledged in 2023 for their outstanding work: Gaurav Sharma, Pardeep Singh, Pankaj Raizada, Shyam Singh Chandel, Vasudha Hasija, Anita Sudhaik, Abhinandan Kumar, Pooja Shandilya, Anil Kumar, Rohit Sharma, Swarup Roy, Deepak Kumar, and Poonam Negi.

In the career-long contributions category, six distinguished scientists from Shoolini University earned well-deserved places on this prestigious list: Gaurav Sharma, Shyam Singh Chandel, Swarup Roy, Pardeep Singh, Anil Kumar, and Pankaj Raizada. These exceptional individuals consistently demonstrated dedication to advancing knowledge and pushing the boundaries of research.

7. Meet Shoolini Professor with 10K Scopus Citations

Professor Pardeep Singh of the School of Advanced Chemical Sciences reached the 10K Scopus Citations mark (Scopus database). Scopus is a database of scientific and academic literature maintained by Elsevier. In Scopus, citations serve as a reliable and efficient gauge to evaluate the quality and significance of research. Scopus citations are the most commonly used method to assess the research performance of scientists. A publication with 10K citations on Scopus is considered highly cited, indicating a high impact and influence in its field.


This highlights the big impact our faculty members have made on Shoolini University’s academic story. As we bid adieu to this chapter of achievements, we’re excited about what’s next. Our symphony of success continues, promising more innovation, teamwork, and victories. Cheers to Shoolini University, where every faculty member is more than just part of the story – they’re key players in creating a legacy of academic excellence! 

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