Researchers Make Waves with Publication in ‘Nature’ Journal

In a notable achievement for Shoolini University, Professor Deepak Kumar and his student Vivek Panwar from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, have authored a groundbreaking research article. Their work, titled ‘Multifaceted role of mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin) Signalling Pathway in Human Health and Disease’, has been published in the prestigious ‘Nature’ journal, renowned for its high impact factor of 40.

The article explores the complex roles of the mTOR signalling pathway in various aspects of human health, particularly focusing on cancer. It has quickly captured the interest of the global scientific community and the general public, thanks to its profound insights and potential implications for future medical treatments.

Professor Kumar and Panwar’s research sheds light on the pivotal role of mTOR in cancer biology, exploring its importance in ageing, neurological disorders, diabetes, and different types of human malignancies. The study suggests that a deeper understanding of mTORC1 signalling could lead to increased life expectancy, enhanced immunity, and a reduced risk of various diseases.

This significant research is the culmination of collaborative efforts involving contributions from experts at institutions such as Amity University and IIT Ropar. Professor Kumar emphasised the crucial role played by the collaborative synthesis of research, peer reviewers, journal editors, and editorial teams in achieving this success.

Thanking Chancellor Prof PK Khosla and Vice Chancellor Prof Atul Khosla for their unwavering support, he said, “The excellent research infrastructure at Shoolini made this possible.”

This landmark publication is not just a triumph for Shoolini University but also marks a significant step forward in the field of cancer research, paving the way for more effective and less harmful treatment methods.

As the scientific community eagerly anticipates follow-up research and clinical trials, Prof Kumar encourages researchers to continue their pursuit of knowledge, setting clear goals, fostering collaborations, and maintaining the highest ethical standards in their work.

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