Asst Prof Ekta Singh Takes Shoolini on Global Platform

“My research on Himalayan archaeology has taken me not only to different parts of the country but also to various parts of the world. This time, it was Italy, with its historical landmarks and quaint landscapes. The occasion was the XXI International Union for Quaternary Association (INQUA) held at Sapienza University in Roma,” said Asst Prof Ekta Singh from the Chitrakoot School of Liberal Arts, Shoolini University.

Established in 1928, INQUA promotes Quaternary studies, encompassing various social and scientific disciplines worldwide. Asst Prof Ekta Singh was a co-convener at the conference, leading a session on ‘How Absolute and How Relative: Challenges and Resolutions Associated with Applying Dating Techniques in the Quaternary Period’.

The session received an overwhelming response with 32 papers, of which seven were chosen for oral presentations and several for the poster session. This proved a valuable platform for lively discussions and potential collaborations leading to future publications. The conference focused on understanding geological and environmental changes during the Quaternary Period, spanning approximately 2.6 million years, including the Pleistocene and Holocene epochs.

The Asst Prof also presented her research on Spiti Valley during a session that focused on the Silk Route area and its surroundings. Engaging with scholars from different parts of the world, she actively participated in discussions about the challenges faced in the trans-Himalayan region.

An integral part of the Indian delegation, she played a crucial role in securing Lucknow as the host city for the XXII INQUA conference in February 2027. Her collaborative efforts with eminent scientists led India’s successful bid for this esteemed event.

The Asst Prof expressed gratitude to Shoolini University for its research-oriented approach and support for faculty engagement in prestigious global forums like INQUA. She said participating in conferences like INQUA provides researchers, especially early career researchers (ECRs), with:

• Great networking opportunities.
• Exposure to front-line research and interdisciplinary approaches.
• Enhances presentation and communication skills.
• Exposure to funding opportunities and career development resources for future research endeavours.

Assistant Prof Ekta Singh’s representation of Shoolini University and India on the international platform fills us with pride.

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