Rohit Sharma: A Trailblazer in Biotech Research on Human Ageing 

In the ever-evolving landscape of scientific research, few individuals stand out for their groundbreaking work and unwavering dedication to a single cause. One such luminary is Assistant Professor Rohit Sharma from the School of Biotechnology, Shoolini University. A distinguished biotechnology researcher with three government fellowships, his pioneering studies on human ageing have garnered widespread recognition. 

His paper, ‘A Cellular Senescence-Centric Integrated Approach to Understanding Organismal Aging’ recently cited in a prestigious journal called Nature Reviews Nephrology, offers profound insights into the factors that influence the ageing process, opening new avenues for future inventions and discoveries about the eternal mystery of “longevity”. The project, worth Rs 107 Lakh, was funded by DST, Govt of India.

In 2021, when Asst Prof Rohit Sharma joined Shoolini, he had already been pondering this “problem”. However, it was on the inspiring campus of Shoolini University that this turned into an innovative idea. His commitment and dedication to research and idea generation came from his passion for solving “problems”. Even during his doctorate studies, human ageing always made him question the whys and hows of it. Emphasising the factors behind human ageing, he explained that gut health was a major player.

Like any other research journey, he said, there are always challenges, and he had his fair share. “But with the active support of my team, I overcame all hurdles,” he added.

When asked about his research experience with Shoolini, Asst Prof Sharma strongly emphasised how the entire environment of Shoolini induces research and spurs the brain to think beyond the conventional. Moreover, access to a wide range of sources made his work easier.

Message for Researchers: Every small idea is important. The first step of an invention is generating an idea, which is a monumental piece of work in itself. So, all aspiring researchers must let their ideas fly and find a “solution” to a “problem” they relate to most.

Soul of any Research: Following the “problem” without any excuses and with whatever sources one has.

Success Mantra: Find a “problem” you relate with and follow it with whatever resources you have till the end!

We congratulate Asst Prof Rohit Sharma on his achievements and thank him for his valuable contributions to Biotechnology and Shoolini. We look forward to witnessing his involvement in other biotechnological advancements, contributing to excellence in the field.

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