Stellar Faculty Drives Academic Excellence in 2023

At Shoolini University, we consistently honour and celebrate our faculty's achievements. These dedicated individuals, all leaders in their respective fields, have played a huge...

Shoolini Scientist Redefines Research Landscape 

Behind every research scholar and their groundbreaking achievements is an institution that motivates them to put in that relentless effort. Any research work is...

Lalit Sharma Highlights Alzheimer’s Research at AAIC 2023

Associate Professor Lalit Sharma from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences made a significant impact at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2023 (AAIC) held in...

Rohit Sharma: A Trailblazer in Biotech Research on Human Ageing 

In the ever-evolving landscape of scientific research, few individuals stand out for their groundbreaking work and unwavering dedication to a single cause. One such...

Meet DSW Poonam Nanda, Role Model, Mentor & Guide

Poonam Nanda is an extraordinary individual who wears multiple hats as the Dean of Student Welfare (DSW) at Shoolini University. With a remarkable background...

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