Benefits of Conducting Research at India’s No.1 Research University

The history of India is inclined towards research in theoretical areas but over the past decade, research in applied sciences has also picked up. The representation of India has also increased considerably in international research forums.

In this era of dynamic globalisation, research cannot be carried out in isolation. Therefore, the significance and need for research-driven institutions have multiplied manifold.

Research-based University

Credited to be the No. 1 Research University in India, Shoolini has always been at the pinnacle of research-based studies. Recently ranked as a global top 200 University, the research programs at Shoolini University are among the best in the world. According to QS World University Rankings (2022), Shoolini University is No. 1 in India for citations/publications and is the sixth best in Asia.

Shoolini has been ranked No. 3 in patent filing (2019) bringing it into the niche of research icons like IITs and IIMs.

Dedicated Research Centres at Shoolini help accomplish these objectives. These centres provide comprehensive research facilities for coming up with qualitative research results. These centres are in the fields of:

Pursuing research at a world-class research university like Shoolini has its distinct advantages. Let us list down some key benefits of conducting research at Shoolini.

Engaging in real research

Picking a top research university in India to accomplish your dreams has its key benefits. This realisation sinks in when a researcher enrols in any of the research programs at the university.

The research objectives at Shoolini University have always been twofold. A perusal of scientific knowledge is one of these and addressing issues faced by the community and society at large is the other. Recognition by global institutions like SCIMAGO and QS Rankings is a testimony to the fact that Research Centres at Shoolini have been treading the pathway of success.

Taking its research to the next level, the university has constituted two committees  Joint Research and Development Advisory Committee and Faculty-wise Research Advisory Committee. These committees look into the requirements of researchers and ensure that they get the best facilities.

Research friendly infrastructure

The university, located in the serene ambience of the Himalayas is known for its repository of herbal wealth. The infrastructure has been designed to promote cutting-edge research in innovative areas of science, engineering, yoga, management, and liberal arts.

The building housing the library is iconic and has received a Belgian Architectural award. The Yogananda Library has a one-of-its-kind EBSCO online library with over one million publications. More than 2 lakh e-books on Engineering, Law and Management are also available on these online resources. This clearly amplifies the quality of research that students in this field can benefit from.

With 104+ fully equipped laboratories and 13 Centres of Excellence in place, it is no surprise that Shoolini University has been able to maintain an H index (index used to measure Research Output and Quality) of more than 96 which is the highest for any university that has been established after 2009. The Field Weighted Citation Impact (FWCI) is 2.27 and this too is comparable to the top 10 global universities. More than 1100+ patents have been filed by students and faculty, making it the top research university in India.

High impact Summit Research Programs (SRP)

Shoolini University is also known for its highly impactful Summit Research Programs. BTech Biotechnology with Summit Research Program is a research-oriented degree where research has been fully integrated with the engineering curriculum.

To make these programs impactful, hands-on exposure to pioneering research is provided and students are also guided to write technical papers. Personal mentorship takes the program to a new level, making it a truly research-based innovation of Shoolini University.

The promotion of innovation-based pedagogy has always been a core ethic of Shoolini University. The university runs a successful SPRINT (Skill Progression through Rapid Intensive and innovative Techniques) program. Accelerated learning of soft and technical skills is provided under this program.

Opportunity to conduct research at UG level

In general, emphasis is laid on theoretical concept clarity at the undergraduate level. What sets Shoolini apart and makes it a World-Class Research University is the fact that the students are encouraged to pursue research even at the undergraduate level. Many students in different undergraduate programs at Shoolini University have published Scopus-indexed research papers, filed patents, and are pursuing research at top-notch universities like Stanford University.

Research is spread across multiple disciplines with some prominent ones, including Artificial Intelligence, Bio Energy, Bio Fuels, Aging and Nutrition, Drug Discovery for Cancer, Genomics, Water Purification, Probiotics, etc.

Provision of language labs

Language Labs are also functional at Shoolini University. These can be considered advanced learning facilities where students, researchers and faculty alike can learn foreign languages. Assisted learning is available for three foreign languages  German, Spanish and Mandarin. Provision is also available to learn up to 34 languages here.

Provision of e-studios

A hi-tech and unique learning experience is also provided through e-studios. Technological advancements like high-speed internet, Ethernet, whiteboards, light boards, etc., are available in these e-studios to access seamless online lectures. A total of 50 such e-studios are being built at Shoolini University taking the idea of online education further. 

Researchers in residence program

Innovation in research has always been at the forefront of Shoolini University. To encourage qualitative research and maintain its edge as a world-class research university, Shoolini has come up with Researchers in Residence Program.

Under this program, researchers from across the world can join the university for a period of six months to one year. There are 10 dedicated positions in this program which are open in different subjects in Science, Literature, Technology and Engineering.

Numerous benefits are offered to scholars under such Research Programs. They are provided comfortable boarding and lodging facilities on the campus, access to research labs and academic infrastructure at the university. They also become eligible for sustenance allowance and can be part of all group excursions at the university. Such researchers are expected to take two programs per semester during their research tenure.

As these researchers are selected through a comprehensive process, they are expected to guide students and faculty members in research activities. Since they continue their research work at the campus, the natural beneficiaries of such innovations are the regular students who get to engage with and learn from the best in their field.? It is only due to such innovations that Shoolini University has been ranked a top 200 Global University.

Evident support for researchers

The research programs at Shoolini University are not only for students but new faculty members are also eligible for the Rs 2-lakh seed funding to set up research work and generate data for subsequent funding. Subscription to various research-related databases is also available to help researchers.

A dedicated scientific writing cell is also functional which supports researchers in scientific writing and supports their editing requirements so that flawless research goes into the public domain. Along similar lines, a dedicated patent cell has also been put in place at Shoolini University that caters to patent-related needs of the faculty and students alike.


Maintaining its tag of a World-Class Research University brings a lot of responsibilities and requires dedicated efforts from one and all. The highly acclaimed faculty at Shoolini University which comes from leading institutions like Oxford, National Institute of Health USA, IITs and IIMs continue to work hard to maintain this character. The faculty members work on their skill-building capabilities and are engaged in qualitative research by publishing research papers and filing patents in their respective areas of research.

Continuous skill-building and sustainable efforts towards research leading to pathbreaking innovation have made Shoolini University a leader in this league. No wonder its researchers have been featured in the Worlds Top 1% Scientist List.  

Impactful research that has the ability to change the world is the need of the hour and you can be a part of this selected league of researchers by enrolling in any research-based program at Shoolini University!

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