The Centre for Postgraduate Legal Studies (CPGLS) at Shoolini University is dedicated to advancing legal research and addressing critical socio-legal issues affecting society. With a focus on areas such as Women's Empowerment, Cybercrime, Labour Legislation, and Criminal Law, the CPGLS strives to provide insightful solutions through its research initiatives.

Equipped with a comprehensive library, the Centre offers online and offline resources, including textbooks, statutes, journals, bare acts, and various magazines and periodicals. Our digital library is enriched with SCC Online, Manupatra, and Lexis Nexis databases, ensuring that students and researchers have access to the latest legal materials.

Under the leadership of Prof Narinder Kumar Gupta, the CPGLS boasts a team of experienced faculty members, including Professors, Associate Professors, and Assistant Professors, who guide research programs and mentor our student researchers. The Centre can accommodate 30 student researchers, building an environment of academic excellence and innovation.

Throughout the year, the CPGLS organises a range of events such as National Seminars, Colloquiums, Webinars, Workshops, and Faculty Development Programmes. These events are designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of our students, researchers, and faculty, promoting a vibrant learning community in legal studies.

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