Top 7 Career Benefits of Having a BA LLB Degree

Law is a dynamic force upon which civilisation stands. Without it, society would become chaotic without any rules and ethics. By establishing boundaries and principles, the Law safeguards the rights of individuals, fostering harmony within diverse communities.

Every country makes laws to benefit society, establish ethics, support peace and public policy, and promote freedom. So, if you want to contribute to the well-being of society and safeguard its citizens, a career in the law sector is perfect for you. And the first step is pursuing a BA LLB degree.

BA LLB has always been one of the most sought-after and popular degrees. One of the reasons is an abundance of career opportunities, both in the private and government sectors.

So, let’s know more about the benefits of a BA LLB degree.

What is BA LLB?

BA LLB is an integrated law course that offers students the advantage of accomplishing two degrees simultaneously — Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law. Within five years of its duration, you will learn all about its theoretical aspects as well as practical, applied and interdisciplinary perspectives, ensuring an understanding of the Law in all its contexts. This course is best for aspirants with strong analytical and evaluation skills.

BA LLB: Career scope

BA LLB is one of the most extensive degrees in India, with diverse career prospects. Graduates can pursue legal professions as advocates, solicitors, or legal advisors, working in law firms, government organisations, or corporations. In this role, they can contribute to policy development, handle legal disputes, and ensure compliance. BA LLB graduates can also explore opportunities in legal journalism, research, and academia.

Beyond traditional paths, they can engage in legal consulting, alternative dispute resolution, or advocacy work in NGOs. The degree equips you with critical thinking and communication skills, making you suitable for business, management, and public service roles. With interdisciplinary knowledge, BA LLB graduates are adaptable and prepared for a range of professions. So, a BA LLB degree has a broad scope of career options, allowing you to make a meaningful impact in the legal field and beyond.

Top job opportunities

  • Litigation Attorney
  • Corporate Counsellor
  • Legal Secretary
  • Legal Associate/Advisor
  • Law Clerk
  • Criminal Lawyer
  • Legal Analyst
  • Company Secretary
  • Civil Servant
  • Judge
  • Academics & Research

Top recruiters for BA LLB

Top legal firms that hire Law graduates are:

  • Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A Shroff & Co.
  • AZB & Partners
  • Khaitan & CO
  • J Sagar Associates
  • Luthra & Luthra Law Offices
  • Trilegal
  • S&R Associates
  • Economic Laws Practice
  • Desai & Diwanji
  • Talwar Thakore & Associates

Process & prospect to become a judge after BA LLB

Becoming a Judge requires much hard work but can lead to a rewarding career. A judge’s position is at the top of the jurisprudential order and is among the most prestigious professions.

The Indian judicial system is integrated. This includes the Supreme Court or the Apex Court at the top (national level), High Courts, and Subordinate Courts (state level). As every court has its group of judges, the qualifications and powers of every court differs.

After earning your BA LLB, you must qualify for the Judicial Services Exam or the PCS (J)-Provincial Civil Service-Judicial Examination. To be appointed as a judge for the lower judiciary, you must take the competitive exam conducted by the state authorities under the supervision of the individual high courts. To be eligible for the exam, you must have an LLB degree and at least 7 years of work experience.

A District-Level Judge’s starting remuneration is INR 7,000. It increases with experience and ranges between INR 1,44,840 and INR 2,24,100. A Supreme Court Judge and a High Court Judge could make INR 2.50 lakh a month on an average.

However, if you’re still in a dilemma about pursuing a BA LLB degree, here are the top 7 career benefits of a BA LLB degree that will undoubtedly convince you.

Top 7 career benefits of BA LLB

Career Benefits BA LLB

The pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Laws (BA LLB) degree offers a multitude of career benefits. Here are the top seven advantages:

1. Solid foundation for a lucrative career

The demand for professional lawyers is increasing as technology advances. Corporations worldwide are actively seeking individuals with a BA LLB degree, recognising the program as a solid foundation for a rewarding career. The BA LLB degree provides comprehensive knowledge and highly valued legal skills. Students gain expertise in navigating complex legal matters and effectively representing clients. The program cultivates critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, instilling graduates with the confidence to tackle intricate legal issues.

In today’s globalised business landscape, multinational corporations require legal professionals for compliance, contracts, and negotiations. As a result, BA LLB graduates enjoy abundant job opportunities and competitive salaries. The program equips students with a deep understanding of national and international laws, expanding their career prospects in law firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies, and international organisations.

2. Comprehensive knowledge of Law

In today’s interconnected world, a BA LLB degree equips students with a deep understanding of National, Commonwealth, and International laws, expanding their career prospects in law firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies, and international organisations. This expanded knowledge base opens doors to many opportunities in various sectors. Graduates can thrive in law firms, handling cases with international implications or advising multinational clients. Corporate legal departments seek their expertise for navigating complex international business transactions and ensuring compliance with global regulations. Government agencies benefit from their understanding of international Law when formulating policies and negotiating treaties. Additionally, BA LLB graduates can contribute to international organisations, working on human rights issues, international arbitration, or global governance.

3. Competitive advantage over other graduates — Integrated Degree

To some, the Law is more than a concept; it is a way of life. They go above and beyond to be successful in their careers, and an integrated degree can help you do the same. The combined BA LLB degree is widely recognised in the job market today. Integrated degrees are accepted by the best law firms. So, consider a BA LLB degree if you want to stand out from the crowd.

4. Holistic development

In recent years, Law has gained recognition as a profession that offers both financial stability and steady career growth. It challenges logical thinking, analytical skills, and even memory. However, the BA LLB degree at Shoolini University goes beyond these traditional views. With its integrative learning approach, the program focuses on holistic development, cultivating not only critical thinking and reasoning skills but also fostering a broader understanding of societal, ethical, and global issues. By embracing a multidisciplinary approach, BA LLB students at Shoolini University are equipped with a well-rounded skill set, empowering them to excel not just as legal professionals but as thoughtful, compassionate individuals who can navigate complex legal challenges while considering the broader impact on society.

5. Fosters strong ethics and compassion

Law, as a vibrant and challenging area of study, piques the curiosity of today’s youth. It is commonly stated that a legal degree instils high ethics and empathy. Studying Law is a long and arduous process. To demonstrate your aptitude for the degree, you must generate high-quality work. Throughout five years of academics, individuals imbibe strong values and traits.

6. Prestige and recognition

For a long time, the legal profession has been considered a noble and elite vocation. This image is bolstered further by the media’s representation of legal professionals as exciting, glamorous, fast-paced, and desirable. Your degree is a significant credential, so if you pursue BA LLB, you will be recognised as a distinct name in society for your credibility and competence in professional growth.

7. Know your rights and duties

A Law degree is one of the most challenging and demanding courses. With a BA LLB degree in hand, you will be able to aid others by informing them of their legal rights and obligations and use these resources for your gain. It is one of the benefits of LLB that no other profession can match. It also outlines our responsibilities to our country and how we should behave in society.

Why study BA LLB at Shoolini University?

Getting a Law degree has always been considered a next-to-impossible task. Many students aspiring to build a legal work career are intimidated by the syllabus and court practices. But you would be surprised to know that getting a law degree can be the most fun and rewarding experience at Shoolini University. Situated in the green valleys of Himachal Pradesh, this university has the perfect environment to bring out your hidden lawyer self.

Young minds who have just completed their school studies and are considering studying Law, don’t listen to anyone telling you otherwise. The 5-year BA LLB study program includes 10 semesters. By enrolling in this course, you will get two degrees at once. Yes, you can complete your graduation and get a law degree simultaneously.

In a nutshell

  • Courses approved by the Bar Council of India, a statutory body created by the Indian Parliament to regulate and represent the Indian Bar.
  • Students participate actively in Legal Aid clinics, MUNs and legal conferences held across the country.
  • Students prepare for and ace competitive exams such as CLAT, State Judicial Services, PCS, and JAG.
  • Learn from top legal luminaries such as High Court judges.
  • Regular guest lectures by Judges and Advocates of the High Court and Supreme Court guide students and provide real-world experience.

Course Details

  • Eligibility

10+2 (in any stream) with a minimum of 55% marks.

  • Admission Criteria

CLAT or Shoolini University’s multiple choice entrance test (SU-SAT), and faculty interaction.

Shoolini University’s Faculty of Law also offers:


A BA LLB degree offers numerous career benefits and exceptional opportunities in the legal field. Graduates can explore diverse career paths in law firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies, and international organisations. The degree also opens doors to legal journalism, research, and academia. Additionally, the program fosters holistic development, ethics, and compassion, preparing students for the complex legal challenges of today’s world.

By choosing Shoolini University for your BA LLB studies, you gain an edge in the competitive job market and access to a network of top legal firms. The university’s global collaborations and exchange programs offer exposure to international perspectives and the latest research findings. Studying BA LLB at Shoolini University is not just about memorising IPC sections but making Law a lifestyle. Know more about BA LLB at Shoolini University.

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