Research Centres

Shoolini University is located in the lap of one of the biggest ecological and biodiversity hotspots of the world – The Himalayas. Our research-driven philosophy drives every researcher in the University to focus and identify issues related to the Himalayas. 

The mission is to make a significant and measurable impact on the society with a combination of cutting-edge science and modern research. A lot of research done at Shoolini University relies on sustainability, energy conservation and technological enhancements.

Infrastructure of Shoolini University has been created to enable cutting-edge research in new and established areas of science, engineering, yoga, management, liberal arts etc. In fact, Shoolini University boasts of one of the best landscaped campuses with green houses and herbariums. We are located in the midst of salubrious pine forests. This adds to the availability of natural resources. Our library is housed in an iconic building that has received a Belgian Architectural Award, figuring on the cover page of an international magazine. Facilities like an Indoor Stadium, Yogananda Ville, forest huts and Cineplex are unique to our campus.

Find out more about our research centres below.

Research Centres at Shoolini University


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