Artificial Intelligence: Youth Differ Over Impact On Jobs


Artificial intelligence is gaining popularity nowadays and is thus in demand but what does the new generation think about it? Here are some views of students about the impact of artificial intelligence on future jobs.

Vince Paul (BBA Sem 1)

No, I don’t think Artificial intelligence (AI) will take away jobs because we are the ones who have created it. To say that these will take over human jobs is not correct, because even after making AI perfect, there are some jobs that they wont be able to do. Human intervention would be always required.

Barun Nath (B.Tech. Biotechnology Sem 7)

For the complete success of Artificial Intelligence technologies, there would be a requirement of a large number of developers specialised in the various subjects. This would, in turn, lead to the recruitment of a large chunk of software engineers and research scientists to solve and implement an automated world that mimics the characteristics of an advanced computer system.

Mayank Gautam (B Pharmacy Sem 1)

New technologies such as Artificial intelligence have the sole purpose of automating various technologies and coming up with new creative innovations to translate this potential of AI into a useful one. It would be interesting to watch how technology takes over humanity in a jobless society where the currency is machine-generated and intelligent machine agents will replace our existence.

Ashutosh Singh (MBA Sem 1)

Artificial intelligence will not take away jobs rather it will create new ones. The research states that while AI could displace roughly 7 million jobs in the country, it could also create 7.2 million jobs, resulting in a modest net boost of jobs. The more machines will be there the more manpower will be required.

Shivani Gautam (BA LLB Sem 1)

Every job or a task has some level of automation associated with it. With the cognitive mind power of Artificial intelligence supported devices, it would slowly replace this automation arrangement, raising it to a level that would not only simplify their jobs but also ensure higher efficiency and accuracy as compared to the work done by humans.

Garima Faujdar (BA (Hon.) English Sem 1)

 I think AI will take away more jobs as compared to creating new ones. AI will change this world but we should be prepared to deal with upcoming challenges and drawbacks. Though technology isnt inherently good or evil in the hands of humans, it has a great capacity for both. Id certainly prefer the good over the evil, and that will be dependent on the choices that we make today.

Pushpgandha Tiwari (B Tech. BioTech Sem 1)

AI can help to shape and define the educational experience of the future. AI systems are being used to augment tutoring with personal, conversational education assistants. AI may just replace teachers in some instances for better or for worse. But no one has to worry about Robot or Terminator kind of circumstances because the machines almost certainly wont rise during the lifetime of anyone!

Lashika Madaan (B Tech. Food Technology Sem 1)

AI is not going to take away jobs. It will displace some jobs, yes, but it will more likely change what human workers do. I believe the panic over AI eliminating huge number of human jobs is misinformed. Im not alone. There are experts who believe AI will actually create a plethora of new jobs many of which we dont even know what theyll be yet.

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