Harnessing and bioprospecting of Himalayan Biodiversity including :

a. Microbiota (Bacteria / Fungi/viruses)

b. Macrobiota (Medicinal plants) The vision is - Bioprospecting of Himalayan Biodiversity by Omics approach.

The center is involved in Quality research: on issues associated with the origins and maintenance of biodiversity, Educate to Protect: To provide the information needed to better manage biodiversity with the goal of minimizing the loss of populations and species, Collect and Index: Develop an inventory of biodiversity through DNA barcoding as a tool for identification and species discovery, Leadership: Globalize Himalayan biodiversity through national/international collaborations.

The thrust area for the center are to utilize omics – proteomics, genomics and metabolomics for understanding and sustainable utilization of biodiversity for drug discovery for cancer and pathogens.