MSc Botany

MSc Botany degree at Shoolini University is dedicated to the scientific study of plants, including lichens, fungi, bacteria and viruses. The objective of this course is to build a strong background in plant biodiversity, ecology, physiology, and cell molecular biology, cytogenetics, biochemistry, biotechnology, reproductive biology, morphogenesis and anatomy, metabolism of biomolecules and immunology, fungi and microbes. The results of botanical research increase and improve our supply of medicines, fibers, building materials, foods and other plant products.

Students at Shoolini University enjoy state-of-the-art infrastructure, including labs and a well-equipped online library, is available to equip students with the right skills.

Most of the faculty is an alumnus of global universities like Oxford, NIH, NCI, John Hopkins Medical School, as well as some of the top universities of India like IISc, JNU, DU, and ZSI. Many faculty members regularly receive grants from National and International funding agencies.

Some students have also received a JRF of Rs 30,000 per month.

Key areas of research

Diversity of Vascular and Non-Vascular Plants | Advanced Plant Systematics | Plant Physiology | Plant Pathology and Microbiology | Cell Biology and Genetics | Ecology | Biostatistics | Environmental Sciences | Developmental Biology | Plant Biotechnology and Plant Tissue Culture | Evolutionary Biology | Biochemistry | Recombinant DNA technology and Bioinformatics | Advances in Molecular Biology 

Career Opportunities

  • Plant Taxonomist
  • Scientist
  • Microbiologist 
  • Environmentalist 
  • Geneticist
  • Teacher
  • Qualify NET/SLET/GRE
  • Biodiversity expert
  • Researcher
  • Molecular Biologist
  • Plant Physiologist
  • Biochemist

Meet The Faculty

Course Name
MSc Botany

BSc with Botany as one of the subjects with minimum 50% marks.

Admission Criteria
Shoolini University's multiple choice entrance test.

2 years

Semester Fee
₹ 58,025
* One-time refundable security fee of Rs. 10,000

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