Pardeep Singh


Among Top 2% scientists’ (ranked by Stanford University), DST- Fast Track Young Scientist Award (2013) and VC Young Academician Award (2019)

Professor and Head at the School of Advanced Chemical Sciences, Shoolini University, Pardeep Singh teaches Physical Chemistry. He is in the top 2% scientists’ list ranked by Stanford University. He has been awarded with the DST- Fast Track Young Scientist Award (2013) and Vice Chancellor Young Academician Award (2019).  

His research group is working on generation of new knowledge on graphene-based photocatalytic materials and processes in order to develop novel depollution treatments with enhanced efficiency and pilot scale applicability. He has published around 99 papers, seven book chapters and filed 22 patents. His research also focuses on generation of bio-waste material-based activated carbon for adsorptional removal of pollutants present in aqueous phase. 


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