Shoolini’s 2023 Research Journey

This year, Shoolini University again earned the title of India’s No.1 Research University in the QS World University Rankings, Asia, 2024. It ranked first in India for Citations per Paper and fifth in Asia, boasting an h-index of 115. With over 1400 patents filed, of which more than 60 have been granted, Shoolini stands third in India for patent filings, alongside renowned institutions like IITs and IIMs. 

The collaborative efforts of students and faculty have been crucial in this achievement, supported by Shoolini’s Centres of Excellence in areas ranging from Nanotechnology to Disaster Management. Additionally, 13 Shoolini researchers rank among the top 2% globally, according to Stanford University, enhancing its international reputation. 

Shoolini also leads in undergraduate research through its flagship Summit Research Program (SRP), enabling students to engage in research. With access to advanced facilities, they are guided to file patents in their first year itself. 

Shoolini etched a remarkable chapter in its innovative journey through 2023. Let’s see how. 

  1. Innovative Food Drying for Tastier Preservation (March 9, 2023): Shoolini’s researchers unveiled a game-changing invention, the Energy Efficient Impinging Jet Solar Food Dryer. This ground-breaking technology harnesses solar energy to preserve food in developing countries, addressing challenges posed by traditional open-air drying methods. The patented design by Dr Ranchan Chauhan, Adit Rana, and Dr Raj Kumar promises appetising, nutritious, and tastier food even in a humid climate, underscoring its potential impact on global food security. 
  2. Shoolini Scientists Find Acne Cure (April 4, 2023): A significant breakthrough in skincare emerged as scientists Navneet Kumar Upadhyay, Prof Poonam Negi, and Nidhi discovered a more effective and safe treatment for acne. Their patented formulation, combining adapalene and Nigella sativa seed oil, not only promises clearer skin but also addresses the common side effects associated with existing treatments. This innovation holds the potential to uplift the lives of millions globally.  
  3. Shoolini Professor Receives Young Researchers Award (April 14, 2023): Assistant Professor Nitika Thakur received the Young Researchers Award. Her research, presented at the International Conference on ‘Innovative Approaches in Agriculture, Horticulture, and Allied Science’, showcased a forward-thinking approach to enhancing crop yield. This achievement highlights Shoolini’s commitment to fostering talent and addressing global challenges through innovative research.  
  4. Fueling the Future: Researchers Develop Eco-Friendly Biodiesel (May 9, 2023): Shoolini scientists, led by Prof Saurabh Kulshrestha took a giant stride towards sustainable energy with the development of an eco-friendly method for biodiesel production. Utilising Chlorella Pyrenoidosa algae and bio-waste, this innovation not only offers an alternative to traditional fuels but also aligns with Shoolini’s dedication to environmental sustainability. The potential applications span from transportation to home heating, demonstrating the versatility of this pioneering solution. 
  5. Revolutionary Patent for Sustainable & Affordable Concrete Roads (June 27, 2023): Shoolini researchers, including Noorullah Yusufi, Er Vikas Mehta, Dr MS Thakur, and Priyanka Panchal, secured a patent for a groundbreaking method in road construction. By incorporating fly ash and waste polyethylene, the team simultaneously reduced costs, increased road strength, and addressed waste management challenges. This innovation aligns with the university’s commitment to sustainable development and waste reduction. 
  6. Patent Granted in Record Time (July 27, 2023): Anitya Kumar Gupta and Sataditya Jana crafted a portable dongle that promises unparalleled cybersecurity. For this, the UK granted them a patent in just seven days. This showcases Shoolini’s ability to develop cutting-edge advancements in technology and cybersecurity. 
  7. Shoolini Scientist Redefines Research Landscape (August 25, 2023): Associate Prof Lalit Sharma’s groundbreaking Alzheimer’s research gained international recognition at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2023 held in Amsterdam. His innovative approach to understanding and mitigating the effects of Alzheimer’s proves Shoolini’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of conventional research and addressing critical global health concerns.  
  8. Shoolini Breaks New Ground with Student Research Council (September 2, 2023): Demonstrating its commitment to student-led innovation, Shoolini University established the Student Research Council. Founder and Chancellor Prof PK Khosla’s allocation of special funds for the purpose emphasises the importance of nurturing young talent, and fostering a culture of exploration, collaboration, and focused efforts. This initiative positions Shoolini at the forefront of supporting and encouraging the next generation of researchers. 
  9. Researchers Make Waves with Publication in ‘Nature’ Journal (November 21, 2023): Professor Deepak Kumar and his student Vivek Panwar achieved a major milestone with their research article published in the prestigious ‘Nature’ journal, known for its impact factor of 40. Their article delves into the complex roles of the mTOR signalling pathway in human health, with a focus on cancer. It has captured the interest of the global scientific community and the public for its insightful findings and potential implications in future medical treatments. 
  10. Shoolini Celebrates Research with 60+ Patent Grants: Shoolini University capped off the year by celebrating 60+ patent grants from the Indian Patent Office. This remarkable achievement solidifies its position as India’s No.1 Research University, setting new benchmarks for research excellence globally. As the institution looks forward, it envisions a future where its research continues to bring about positive changes in the education sector and beyond. 

Chancellor PK Khosla defined the strategic vision for Shoolini University on the research platform over the next five years, saying, “Our primary focus will be on advancing hydrogen research. Additionally, we aspire to elevate our scholarly impact by increasing the number of research papers to a remarkable 2000, with an ambitious target of ensuring at least 1500 of these attain the highest Q1 quality. At present, our research papers span Q1 and Q2 journals, and our goal is to transition all publications into the esteemed Q1 category. Further, on the patent front, our objective is to secure 1000 granted patents within the next five years. 

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