Patent Granted To Shoolini Researchers In Record Time

In today’s digital landscape, data breaches and cyber threats are recurrent headlines, intensifying the need for an impregnable shield to protect our digital realm. Meet two young innovators and researchers, Anitya Kumar Gupta (PhD) and Sataditya Jana (first-year SRP BTech Biotech) from Shoolini University. Together, they have crafted a portable dongle that promises unparalleled cybersecurity and protection, capturing the attention of governments and experts alike. 

What’s more, the United Kingdom has granted a patent for this portable dongle, approving it in a short span of just seven days, making it the second fastest patent to be granted overseas. 

“My journey from the small town of Kakdwip in West Bengal to Shoolini University was filled with challenges and aspirations. I chose Shoolini due to its peaceful environment, state-of-the-art infrastructure, research facilities and diversity on campus. With my guide’s support, I completed my first research paper in my first year itself,” said Sataditya. Now, he wants to enrol in a higher studies program at a renowned research university in the USA and contribute to India’s science infrastructure by working with the prestigious Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

Anitya has his eyes set on the position of a Public Service Advisor to the Prime Minister of India to “bring a positive change in the country.” He is an alumnus of IIT Chicago in the United States, where he completed his master’s program.

The main features of the dongle are:  

  1. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): These dongles often support 2FA, requiring users to present both something they know (like a password) and something they have (the physical dongle) for authentication.
  2. Hardware-based Encryption: The dongle may include a secure hardware chip that performs encryption and decryption processes, making it more challenging for attackers to intercept sensitive data.
  3. Secure Key Storage: Portable dongles can store cryptographic keys securely, protecting them from being accessed or copied by malware or unauthorized users.
  4. Secure Boot: Some dongles may offer a secure boot process, ensuring that the connected device’s operating system is genuine and hasn’t been tampered with.
  5. Token Signing and Digital Certificates: The dongle might support digital signatures and certificates, enabling secure authentication and authorization in various applications and systems.
  6. Secure Data Exchange: The dongle can facilitate secure communication between the connected device and other trusted devices or servers. 

Shoolini University is proud of young talents like Anitya and Sataditya. Join the vibrant community at Shoolini that values creativity and research — as every dream matters here.

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