Shoolini Scientists Find Acne Cure for Millions

Om Kumar Jha

Acne is a common skin disease dreaded by all youngsters, particularly teenagers, who constantly try to find ways to get rid of it. They apply all kinds of ointments and concoct home remedies to keep the skin acne free, but it is not very effective. As a result, millions of teenagers around the world suffer anxiety, reduced self-esteem, and even depression.

Until now, one of the most popular treatments was adapalene gel. But the fallout? Skin redness, dryness, itching, scaling, mild burning, or even worsening of acne during the first two to four weeks of use. In a significant breakthrough, Shoolini scientists discovered that combining adapalene and Nigella sativa seed oil in optimum concentrations offered a more effective and safe treatment for acne without known side effects.

The patent for this discovery, which can potentially improve the lives of millions of people, has been granted to Navneet Kumar Upadhyay, Prof Poonam Negi and Nidhi of Shoolini University. It will be interesting to see how it progresses in the pharmaceutical industry in the coming years.

The Nigella sativa seed oil also improves skin hydration and reduces itching and irritation caused by acne. The sustained release of encapsulated adapalene in the formulation further reduces side effects and offers long-term acne treatment. This is an improvement over the existing topical compositions of adapalene for acne treatment with limitations such as poor aqueous solubility and low absorption rate.

This formulation can be blended with beauty products after further compatibility research, said Navneet Kumar Upadhyay. The invention is expected to generate significant interest in the pharmaceutical industry, especially those involved in developing and manufacturing topical formulations to treat acne. Medical practitioners specialising in dermatology and acne treatment may also find this formulation beneficial.

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