Fueling the Future: Researchers Develop Eco-Friendly Biodiesel

Om Kumar Jha

A team of scientists from Shoolini University has developed an inexpensive and eco-friendly method to make biodiesel from bio-waste using a unique algae called Chlorella Pyrenoidosa.
The process involves growing the algae with bio-waste like dairy whey or other food and drink waste. Biodiesel is produced using a chemical reaction called transesterification. Use of ultrasonic technology can optimise chemical reaction, resulting in a cleaner fuel that can replace traditional petrol and diesel fuels.

Biodiesel can fuel diesel engines in cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles. It can be blended with petroleum diesel or used as a standalone fuel. Further, it can also be used as heating oil in homes and businesses, providing an alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Besides, biodiesel can generate electricity in power plants and it can also be used as a lubricant or solvent in industrial processes.
“The new method can reduce waste from many industries and lessen our reliance on traditional diesel fuels, promoting sustainability,” said Director of Research Dr Saurabh Kulshrestha, who is heading the team of researchers working on the project.

Researchers have found that using algae to produce eco-friendly biodiesel is a renewable resource and produces fewer greenhouse gases. The algae can multiply in ponds and other water sources with minimal nutrition. The biodiesel produced from this process was found to be the same as traditional diesel in terms of performance. This new invention offers a promising alternative to conventional diesel fuels and can create a more sustainable future.

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