MA / MSc Psychology

A Masters in Psychology is a two-year postgraduate course at Shoolini University. It provides the study of human mood, psyche and mental behaviour. A degree in Psychology would enable a better understanding of people with physical, emotional and mental health issues and help improve their sense of well‐being, alleviate feelings of distress and resolve crises. 

The application of this subject is across various areas such as educational institutes, hospitals, organisations, private practice, and so on. 

At Shoolini, we focus on theory as well as practicals. Our scholars are equipped with a broad range of skills, including critical thinking, deeper understanding of behavior and mental processes and writing that can be harnessed in many different careers.

This degree also imparts analytical and reasoning skills which are increasingly valued by employers. Once experienced, there is a wide scope for earning well and for travelling overseas. 

The internationally acclaimed faculty at Shoolini University comes from leading Indian and global universities such as Oxford, NIH, and NCI. Many faculty members have received grants from national and international funding agencies.

MA / MSc Psychology Career Opportunities

  • Psychotherapist
  • Consultant Psychologists
  • Organizational Psychologists
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Family therapists
  • Academics/Research


Semester I 1 Foundations of Psychology 4 Core
2 Research Methodology-I 4 Core
3 Cognitive Processes-I 4 Core
4 Social Psychology 4 Core
Total 16  
Semester II 1 Neurological Basis of Behaviour 4 Core
2 Research Methodology-II 4 Core
3 Personality Theories and Assessment 4 Core
4 Cognitive Processes-II 4 Core
Total 16  
Semester III 1 Indigenous Psychology 3 Core
2 Research Methodology-III 4 Core
3 Psychopathology 4 Core
4 Emotions 4 Core
Total  15  
Semester IV 1 Clinical and Community Interventions 3 Core
2 Psychodiagnostics 4 Core
3 Specialization Courses 3 Core
4 Internship/Report Writing 4 Core
Total 14  
Total Credits 61  

Vipin Pubby
Vipin PubbyProfessor
Subodh Saurabh Singh
Subodh Saurabh SinghAssociate Professor
Tej Nath Dhar
Tej Nath DharProfessor
Purnima Bali
Purnima BaliAssociate Professor
Deepshikha Thakur
Deepshikha ThakurAssistant Professor
Supriya Srivastava
Supriya SrivastavaAssistant Professor
Mala Tripathi
Mala TripathiAssistant Professor
Anupama Chandel
Anupama ChandelAssistant Professor
Prakash Chand
Prakash ChandAssistant Professor
Kunwar Siddharth
Kunwar SiddharthAssistant Professor
Ekta Singh
Ekta SinghAssistant Professor
Samrat Sharma
Samrat SharmaAssistant Professor
Chen Mong Chun
Chen Mong ChunAssistant Professor
Nasser Dasht Peyma
Nasser Dasht PeymaProfessor
Hemant Kumar Sharma
Hemant Kumar SharmaAssistant Professor
Rajesh Williams
Rajesh WilliamsAssistant Professor
Navreet Sahi
Navreet SahiAssociate Professor
Isha Jaswal
Isha JaswalAssistant Professor
BhawnaAssistant Professor
Indu Negi
Indu NegiAssistant Professor
Apar Kaushik
Apar KaushikAssistant Professor
Isha Sehrawat (BA Hons) Psychology and Counselling

Isha Sehrawat (BA Hons) Psychology and Counselling

Choosing to study Psychology at Shoolini was the best decision I made. The faculty here not only supported my academic journey but also encouraged me to pursue my passion for art and painting. I am forever grateful for their unwavering support and guidance.

Aatish Gaurav, BA (Psychology & Counselling) ​

Aatish Gaurav, BA (Psychology & Counselling) ​

A perfect blend of theory and practical training, the program was an enriching experience. The professors’ support and passion inspired me to excel and forge a rewarding career in Psychology. The perfect foundation for professional success, , I highly recommend this course.

Frequently Asked Questions

The faculty of MA/ MSc Psychology at Shoolini University comprises highly accomplished academicians with extensive research and teaching experience across the globe. Most of them have doctoral degrees from esteemed universities in India and have gained postdoctoral experience from renowned institutions worldwide, including the United States and Europe.

What are the future opportunities after completing MA/MSc Psychology from Shoolini University?

Students of MA/MSc in Psychology from Shoolini University can pursue roles as clinical psychologists, counseling psychologists, or industrial-organisational psychologists, helping individuals and organisations in various settings. Additionally, they can also pursue their master's and PhD from Shoolini University.

Shoolini University offers students of MA/ MSc Psychology various opportunities for industry exposure. These include tie-ups with healthcare organisations, internships, fieldwork programs, guest lectures and industry expert talks. This ensures that students receive practical training and are equipped with the latest industry knowledge to prepare them for successful careers.

Yes, practical training sessions, case studies, and field visits are also incorporated into the curriculum to provide hands-on learning experiences to students. The program provides students with both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of behavioural and neuropsychology.

Shoolini University has a dedicated Placement Cell that helps students secure lucrative jobs after completing MA/MSc Psychology. They can work as counsellors, psychotherapists, educators, or human resources professionals. These placements offer valuable practical experience and contribute to the students' professional growth in the field of psychology.

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Course Details

  • Eligibility: Graduation in any discipline with Psychology as one of the subjects and minimum 55% marks

  • Admission Criteria: Shoolini University's entrance test

  • Duration: 2 years

  • Fee Structure

    Semester Fee : 74250