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An education in Liberal Arts offers a broad-spectrum and multi-disciplinary approach to learning. Students can pursue a variety of subjects, such as English, Psychology, Hindi, History, Yoga, and Political Science. A Bachelor of Arts degree enhances analytical thinking, promotes creativity and develops interpersonal skills. These skills are enduring and highly sought after in the job market.

We believe this is also the era

Saket Saurabh

Photographing a landscape, person & event is something that has always stuck with me! And I am thankful for all the practical experiences I gained from Shoolini during my program & internship.


Students pursue higher education, civil services, teaching, corporate roles, and study abroad

Globally acclaimed faculty with vast teaching and research experience

Students participate in key events on campus such as a Literature Fest, Creators' Fest, Moksha etc.

Industry-like experience is provided in tandem with the School of Media & Communication through Shoolini TV, Shoolini Radio and Shoolini Newspaper

Belletristic: Shoolini Loves Literature Society holds online sessions every week providing students the opportunity to interact with eminent personalities

Yoga programs equip students to work as therapists in hospitals & health clubs

Inter-disciplinary learning by choosing minors from other streams


Shoolini University is a hub of innovation and excellence in India's research landscape. Our 'One Student One Patent' policy has resulted in over 1500 patents filed, making us the 3rd highest patent filer in the country.

With 9 Centers of Excellence covering fields like nanotechnology and biodiversity, and over 104 cutting-edge laboratories, we provide an ideal environment for groundbreaking exploration and experimentation. Our commitment is further reflected in government-funded grants that support our research initiatives.

Shoolini University is globally recognised, holding the No.1 Ranking in Citations per Paper in the QS Asia University Rankings. Our researchers are among the world’s top 2%, according to Stanford University's list. Our remarkable H index of > 115, the highest among post-2009 universities, showcases the quality of research undertaken here.

Join Shoolini in the pursuit of knowledge and discovery, where every student is not just a learner but a creator of groundbreaking ideas.

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