How Pharmacy Proves to be a Rewarding Career?

Pharmacy has a key role to play in ensuring good healthcare for the population at large. Those who take up pharmacy as a career option have a worthy role to play in designing and developing treatments, prescription medicines, and advising patients on a range of healthcare solutions.

Pharmacy is a growing career field and in India a number of career options are available for students who successfully pursue this career. Students can choose to pursue a Diploma in Pharmacy (D Pharma), Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharmacy), Master of Pharmacy (MPharmacy) and PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Pharmacy as a rewarding career option

There are numerous reasons to suffice the thought that Pharmacy is a rewarding career option.

Patient outcome improvement

When you pursue a career in Pharmacy, you play a vital role in medication adherence and compliance. Many patients do not take their medicines as prescribed and it rests upon the pharmacist to ensure positive health outcomes for the patient. This is done through less disease progression, less need for hospitalization, etc. Only a pharmacist can achieve this by building a positive relationship with patients and guiding them on being treated holistically.

Option to pursue a vibrant and diverse career

There are a variety of career options in pharmacy that you can pursue. This in itself makes it a rewarding career choice. Working for retail chain community pharmacy is one of the best followed but budding Pharma graduates now also work for hospitals, nursing homes, Pharma industry, colleges, and in government set up too.

Flexible work schedule

This is one field in which a person can work as per their suitability. As the healthcare sector is operational throughout the day, a pharmacist can opt to work in day shift or night shift accordingly. Working remotely from home is also an option in today’s changing and evolving world.

Immense Growth Opportunities

As the field of pharmacy is associated with the healthcare sector, the growth opportunities are also immense. You can begin the career journey with a diploma in Pharmacy and can progress immensely by completing a PhD Pharmaceutical Science, even as you cater to your professional obligations alongside. No other career might offer this kind of leverage for enhancing the professional degree and pursuing a job alongside.

Professional Degree in Pharmacy

There are numerous professional degree programs in Pharmacy including BPharmacy, MPharmacy, and PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences that can be pursued at any institution of repute. One of the leading institutions that offer different programs in pharmacy is Shoolini University which is located in the Kasauli Hills of Himachal Pradesh.

Shoolini University’s school of B Pharmacy is ranked 36th among the ‘Top Pharmacy Colleges in India‘ by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India. This is the only school in Himachal Pradesh to acquire NIRF ranking and the only university in the state to have an NBA Accredited BPharmacy program.

Benefits of Pursuing Pharmacy from Shoolini University

Unlike many other professional institutions offering different pharmacy programs, Shoolini University has an integral focus on research aspects that makes it stand apart from others. Its laboratories have cutting-edge technology and are equipped with instruments like UPLC, HPTLC, GCMS, HPLC, etc., on which budding pharmacists are trained.

Students also get the opportunity to participate in National and International conferences which boost their skill set. Moreover, the University has alliances with different national and international institutions where student exchange is also done for better career progression.

The faculty at this university has trained at some of the best in the sector institutions and their life learnings also form a part of the grooming process of the budding pharmacy students.

Here are some top programs that are offered by the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Shoolini University:

B Pharmacy

If you wish to prepare for a comprehensive career in the healthcare sector, BPharmacy from Shoolini University can be a good initiation point. For admission to this 4-year course, the students should be NEET/JEE/SAT qualified. Students at the bachelor’s level here learn about pharmacological action, chemical structure, and formulation of drugs. Rewarding placement and career positions in leading Pharma companies and research organizations follow when you successfully complete the degree.

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M Pharmacy

There are numerous options to pursue in MPharmacy at Shoolini University which make it stand apart from others. The programs that can be pursued at the master’s level here include MPharma in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, MPharma Pharmacognosy and MPharma Pharmacology. For all these courses, a student requires a B Parma degree with 55% marks.

Key areas of research that students of MPharmacy can study are Pharmacology and Toxicology, Formulation and Development of herbal drugs, Natural and Synthetic based drug discovery, etc. Students after completing M Pharmacy can opt for higher studies and can also work in leading positions like formulation development scientist.

PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences

This is a highly competitive degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences that can be pursued at Shoolini University. It is a three-year degree program and deals with new discoveries in Pharma and medicines. You will get to design, formulate and test different medicines and understand their effect on human health during the course of this degree program at Shoolini University.

Drug action, drug delivery and drug discovery are the research core of PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences. Different aspects of Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology and toxicology, clinical and experimental therapeutics, medicinal chemistry, and Pharmacognosy are also covered in this degree program.

The curriculum at Shoolini University is updated on a regular basis as per the needs of the industry. In addition, mentorship provided to the students at all levels also proves to be a motivating factor for them.


Pharmacy is a promising and rewarding career and when you complete a professional degree in this field, numerous options in pharmaceutical research, drug development and the field of quality assurance open up. If you are among those who pay strict attention to details and have a keen interest in understanding the effect of different pharmaceutical formulations on human health, this is a progressive career field for you.

With a range of employment opportunities available in this sector in retail, hospitals, clinics, sales and marketing, drug research and more, Pharmacy is a fascinating career choice that offers a satisfying future with immense growth options.

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