Bachelor of Pharmacy (B Pharmacy) at Shoolini University is an undergraduate program that prepares students for a career in healthcare and biochemical sciences. The School of Pharmacy is approved by the AICTE and part of the Pharmacy Council of India colleges.  

Students admitted to B Pharmacy investigate and discover drugs and medicine along with their pharmacological action, chemical structure, formulations, biochemistry etc. The course opens up doors to inspiring B Pharma career opportunities in pharmaceutical firms, biotechnology firms, medical sectors, private sectors, and public sectors.  

With an industry growing at a CAGR of 10.7% over the next 5 years. the scope for B Pharma in India is on the rise. Shoolini University arms its students with standard pharmaceutical ethics. The curriculum includes industrial training in a pharmaceutical company. Most of our brilliant students find rewarding placements.

For B Pharmacy admission details, students can apply on this website or call here. 


As an NIRF ranked B Pharmacy university in India, Shoolini offers a highly specialised B Pharmacy degree. B Pharma admission is competitive in Shoolini University.

Here are some of the reasons why Shoolini is considered a top B Pharma university in India. 

  • Faculty from Oxford, National Cancer Institute (USA), NIH (USA), IISc & Oxford 
  • Students receive JRF at UG & PG levels 
  • Application-oriented curriculum 
  • International exchange opportunities


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) of BPharmacy

PEO1: Shall be able to utilise their scientific and technical skills for drug and dosage forms development and meet the requirements of academia-industry and research for a rewarding B Pharma career.

PEO2: Shall be able to utilise their professional skills in the practice of Pharmacy as Hospital, Clinical or Community Pharmacists.

PEO3: Shall follow principles of professional ethics, display effective communication skills and should be able to work as a team with fellow Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals for the benefit of society.

PEO4: Should strive to pursue higher education after B Pharma admission into Shoolini, and participate in continuous education programs and other related professional activities in order to keep abreast with the latest developments in the field.

B Pharmacy Career Opportunities

Students of BPharma pursue rewarding careers in the development of drugs and medicine. Several B Pharma jobs are available in the public and private sectors.

  • Production Chemist/Quality Control Associate 
  • Sales & Marketing Executive
  • Further education in Management, Pharmacy, Law & Patent Filing 
  • Drug Inspector
  • Hospital/Clinical Pharmacists
  • Scientific Writer
  • Community Pharmacists

Research Opportunities

Natural Drug Discovery | Product-Based Drug Discovery | Synthetic Drug Discovery | Pharmocology | Toxicology | Drug Delivery


Semester-I 1 Human Anatomy and Physiology I– Theory 4
2 Pharmaceutical Analysis I – Theory 4
3 Pharmaceutics I – Theory 4
4 Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry – Theory 4
5 Communication skills – Theory 2
6 Remedial Biology/Remedial Mathematics – Theory 2
7 Human Anatomy and Physiology – Practical 2
8 Pharmaceutical Analysis I – Practical 2
9 Pharmaceutics I – Practical 2
10 Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry – Practical 2
11 Communication skills – Practical 1
12 Remedial Biology – Practical 1
  Total 30
#Applicable ONLY for the students who have studied Mathematics / Physics / Chemistry at HSC and appearing for Remedial Biology (RB)course.
$Applicable ONLY for the students who have studied Physics / Chemistry / Botany / Zoology at HSC and appearing for Remedial Mathematics (RM)course.
Semester-II 1 Human Anatomy and Physiology II – Theory 4
2 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I – Theory 4
3 Biochemistry – Theory 4
4 Pathophysiology – Theory 4
5 Computer Applications in Pharmacy – Theory * 2
6 Environmental sciences – Theory * 2
7 Human Anatomy and Physiology II –Practical 2
8 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I– Practical 2
9 Biochemistry – Practical 2
10 Computer Applications in Pharmacy – Practical* 1
  Total 27
Semester-III 1 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II – Theory 4
2 Physical Pharmaceutics I – Theory 4
3 Pharmaceutical Microbiology – Theory 4
4 Pharmaceutical Engineering – Theory 4
5 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II – Practical 2
6 Physical Pharmaceutics I – Practical 2
7 Pharmaceutical Microbiology – Practical 2
8 Pharmaceutical Engineering –Practical 2
  Total 24
Semester-IV 1 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry III– Theory 4
2 Medicinal Chemistry I – Theory 4
3 Physical Pharmaceutics II – Theory 4
4 Pharmacology I – Theory 4
5 Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry I– Theory 4
6 Medicinal Chemistry I – Practical 2
7 Physical Pharmaceutics II – Practical 2
8 Pharmacology I – Practical 2
9 Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry I – Practical 2
  Total 28
Semester-V 1 Medicinal Chemistry II – Theory 4
2 Industrial PharmacyI– Theory 4
3 Pharmacology II – Theory 4
4 Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry II– Theory 4
5 Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence – Theory 4
6 Industrial PharmacyI – Practical 2
7 Pharmacology II – Practical 2
8 Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry II – Practical 2
  Total 26
Semester-VI 1 Medicinal Chemistry III  – Theory 4
2 Pharmacology III – Theory 4
3 Herbal Drug Technology – Theory 4
4 Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics – Theory 4
5 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology – Theory 4
6 Quality Assurance –Theory 4
7 Medicinal chemistry III – Practical 2
8 Pharmacology III – Practical 2
9 Herbal Drug Technology – Practical 2
  Total 30
Semester-VII 1 Instrumental Methods of Analysis – Theory 4
2 Industrial PharmacyII – Theory 4
3 Pharmacy Practice – Theory 4
4 Novel Drug Delivery System – Theory 4
5 Instrumental Methods of Analysis – Practical 2
6 Practice School* 6
  Total 24
* Non University Examination (NUE)
Semester-VIII 1 Biostatistics and Research Methodology 4
2 Social and Preventive Pharmacy 4
3 Pharma Marketing Management 8
4 Pharmaceutical Regulatory Science
5 Pharmacovigilance
6 Quality Control and Standardization of Herbals
7 Computer Aided Drug Design
8 Cell and Molecular Biology
9 Cosmetic Science
10 Experimental Pharmacology
11 Advanced Instrumentation Techniques
12 Dietary Supplements and Nutraceuticals
13 Project Work 2
  Total 18
  1 Extracurricular/ Co-curricular activities 1
  Total 1
Total Credits(30+27+24+28+26+30+24+18+1) 207

Deepak Kapoor
Deepak KapoorProfessor
Rohit Goyal
Rohit GoyalProfessor
Deepak Kumar
Deepak KumarAssociate Professor
Poonam Negi
Poonam NegiAssociate Professor
Navneet Kumar Upadhyay
Navneet Kumar UpadhyayAssociate Professor
Swati Pundir
Swati PundirAssistant Professor
Lalit Sharma
Lalit SharmaAssistant Professor
Aditi Sharma
Aditi SharmaAssistant Professor
Arun Parashar
Arun ParasharAssistant Professor
Abhishek Kumar Sharma
Abhishek Kumar SharmaAssistant Professor
Raveen Chauhan
Raveen ChauhanAssistant Professor
Chetna Kumari
Chetna KumariAssistant Professor
Sunil Kumar
Sunil KumarAssistant Professor
Monika Prakash Singh
Monika Prakash SinghAssistant Professor
Dhriti Verma
Dhriti VermaAssistant Professor
Nishtha Singh
Nishtha SinghAssistant Professor
Hemlata Kaurav
Hemlata KauravAssistant Professor
Deepak Kumar
Deepak KumarAssistant Professor
Shikha Mahant
Shikha MahantAssistant Professor
Himanshu Gandhi
Himanshu GandhiAssistant Professor
Tamana Bhardwaj
Tamana BhardwajAssistant Professor
Anjali Kaushal
Anjali KaushalAssistant Professor
Prashanta Kumar Deb
Prashanta Kumar DebAssistant Professor
ShivanshiAssistant Professor
SimrandeepAssistant Professor
Samridhi Sharma
Samridhi SharmaAssistant Professor
Shubhangi Sood
Shubhangi SoodAssistant Professor
Sonia Rani
Sonia RaniAssistant Professor
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav SharmaProfessor
Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav GuptaAssociate Professor
Kamna Sharma (M Pharmacy, PhD)

Kamna Sharma (M Pharmacy, PhD)

Marketing Manager at Haoyaun Chemexpress, Shanghai, China My learning experience at Shoolini University has been unmatched. I have grown intellectually and personally — traits that helped me further my professional goals. The faculty and department leave no stone unturned to shape a student's future. I have tremendous respect and love for my teachers. Thanks to their untiring efforts, I have been able to carve out a successful career for myself.

Uttam Joon (M Pharmacy)

Uttam Joon (M Pharmacy)

Shoolini University has contributed immensely to shaping my personality. I have developed leadership and team management skills, taking them to an all-new level. The infrastructure on the campus is one of the finest and stands out in the entire country. The best thing here is the cross-culture interaction between students from various parts of the world. The learned and globally acclaimed professors have made the university what it is today.

Sunil Kumar (M Pharmacy, PhD)

Sunil Kumar (M Pharmacy, PhD)

GM Plant (Medical Devices) at Sancara MD Pvt Ltd, Dera Bassi If you want a flourishing career and want to stand apart from the crowd, Shoolini University is the answer! The state-of-the-art facilities, renowned faculty, and hands-on experience gave me a chance to empower myself in every aspect. Moreover, the campus has positive vibes and students from any part of the world can adapt quickly to this place. Overall, it was a great experience, and I carry a lifetime of happy memories.

Kalpna Palsra (B Pharmacy, M Pharmacy)

Kalpna Palsra (B Pharmacy, M Pharmacy)

Drug Safety Associate, Clario Pharmacovigilance firm in Mysore, Karnataka My Shoolini master's degree provided an ideal blend of academia and practical knowledge. The six years I spent at Shoolini University (B Pharm + M Pharm) have been a wonderful learning experience with prolific exposure to the outside world. All faculty members have helped me tremendously. Thanks to their efforts, I am among the best professionals globally. In addition, the facilities at the Pharmacy department are excellent and match international standards. I am fortunate to be a part of Shoolini University.

Rahul Sharma (B Pharmacy + M Pharmacy)

Rahul Sharma (B Pharmacy + M Pharmacy)

Drug Safety Associate, Parexel International, Pharmacovigilance firm in Chandigarh I am glad that I made the right choice of joining Shoolini University. With the perfect blend of academia and industry knowledge and supportive professors, the program transformed me into an international management professional, helping me excel in the challenging global workplace. My experience on the campus has been par excellence. I found the course curriculum very challenging but rewarding. My teachers inspired me to push my boundaries and fly high. They provided the challenge, but not without the support to succeed. I use the knowledge and skills I learned at Shoolini every day of my life.

Vaishali Sharma (B Pharma)

Vaishali Sharma (B Pharma)

I have done my Bachelor's in Pharmacy from Shoolini University. Being the finest university in India, Shoolini has the best academic curriculum, infrastructure, placement facilities and faculty. Big-shot companies like Nestle, Cipla, Abbott, etc., conduct placement drives for pharmacy students. My placement at Cipla has been a dream come true!

Harpreet Kaur (B Pharma)

Harpreet Kaur (B Pharma)

Apart from academic excellence, the extracurricular activities on the campus helped build my confidence and leadership skills. I have gained a strong foundation which reflects in my career now. Thanks to all teachers for continuous support and guidance.

Payal Sharma (B Parma)

Payal Sharma (B Parma)

Currently, I am working at Cipla! I got a chance to bring the best in me at Shoolini and thanks for all the practical exposure. The faculty here helps students with practical aspects of learning to bridge the gap between academics and the real world.

Shivanjli Sharma (B Pharma)

Shivanjli Sharma (B Pharma)

I got a chance to create memories that I'll always cherish. The friendships, knowledge and experiences I gained here added a different perspective to my life. I am thankful for all the constant efforts and support of the faculty at Shoolini that helped me boost my confidence at every level. I got placed at India’s leading pharmaceutical company - Cipla.

Aditi Bhandhari (M Pharma)

Aditi Bhandhari (M Pharma)

Thank you Shoolini and the entire placement team for giving me the opportunity to start my career at Abbott Healthcare Private Limited. I completed my Bachelor's and Master's in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Shoolini. All the professors motivated me to learn new things, which are priceless for my future endeavours. Thank you for all your guidance!

Frequently Asked Questions

The faculty members are trained and educated at the world's best universities, such as the University of Innsbruck, Austria; University of Constance, Germany; Chang Won National University, South Korea; NIPER.

What are the future opportunities after completing BPharmacy from Shoolini University?

Students of BPharmacy pursue rewarding careers to develop lifesaving drugs and medicine. The public and private sectors have a high demand for BPharmacy graduates. Students can work as Production Chemists, Sales & Marketing Executives, Scientific Writers, Drug Inspectors, among other options. They can also pursue higher studies in Management, Pharmacy, Law & Patent Filing, or a PhD, in addition to a Master’s degree in Pharmacy to advance their career prospects.

Students are required to complete an industrial training program by the end of the sixth semester. They also go on month-long internships to industrial units/factories and hospitals for valuable industrial experience. Further, they participate in industry visits as well.

Yes, practical training is an essential part of the BPharmacy curriculum. Students also get ample opportunities to participate in National and International conferences, boosting their skill set.

Shoolini enjoys strong industry-academia partnerships. We network with the industry to ensure that top Indian companies and MNCs come to the campus for placements. Together, the Placement Cell and teachers train students to be industry ready. During placements, several pharmaceutical companies, including Abbott, Zydus Cedilla, Cipla, and Mankind hire Shoolini students. Most of our brilliant students find rewarding placements in leading pharmaceutical firms, biotechnology firms, medical sectors, private sectors, and public sectors.

The university has a reliable alumni network. The Shoolini Alumni Association provides a platform to unite alumni across the globe.

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Course Details

  • Eligibility: 10+2 (PCB/PCM) with minimum 60% marks

  • Admission Criteria: CUET/NEET/JEE/ SAT or Shoolini University's multiple choice entrance test (SU-SAT), and faculty interaction

  • Duration: 4 years

  • Semester Fee

    Himachal Pradesh Domicile : 64700
    Others : 64700


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