What Do We Study in BTech CSE?

    Students who wish to explore the digital world after completing their Class 12 in Science stream have the choice to pursue their dreams by enrolling in BTech Computer Science or BTech CSE.

    The course covers all the major topics which include computers, algorithms, mathematics, software and hardware development, machine learning, and more. This program can help you enhance the skills and knowledge you need for a successful career in the tech industry.

    Not only does the program teach all about subject theories, but practical learning is also a significant part of the curriculum. This practical knowledge is important for students as it develops interdisciplinary knowledge. Students get to explore more through industrial visits and internship programs, and it helps in developing interpersonal skills.

    Everything you need to know about BTech CSE

    BTech CSE is a four-year degree course at the undergraduate level. The course integrates the field of Computer Science and Computer Engineering and provides students with knowledge of coding, programming, web and database development.

    Along with this, students are trained to understand and learn programming languages, digital and analogue electronics, networking, telecommunications, etc. Choosing to pursue BTech CSE can be quite profitable, the reason being that computers have become an intrinsic part of our lives.

    BTech CSE eligibility criteria

    To make sure you are eligible to enrol in this undergraduate course, go through the eligibility criteria we have mentioned below.

    • Science background in 10+2 with PCM/PCB.
    • Minimum of 60% aggregate marks in Class 12.
    • Shoolini University, whose Engineering NIRF Rank is 103 in India, conducts multiple-choice entrance tests for candidates.
    • Students with a good score in JEE/NEET/SAT get a preference.

    Is doing BTech CSE worth it?

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    Now, this is the most common question that comes to mind before picking up a course. Here are the various factors that will help you decide whether doing BTech CSE is worth it.

    BTech CSE is one of the most lucrative and competitive courses in today’s time. It opens doors to numerous job opportunities for candidates.

    Top career opportunities after BTech CSE

    Computer Hardware Engineer

    Computer hardware engineers are responsible for the design, development, and testing of different computer hardware components such as circuits, routers, memory devices, and boards. They are expected to complete complex tasks like monotonous and extensive system testing.

    Software Developer

    Software developers are said to be the backbone of the IT industry. They are responsible for developing programs or applications. Those who wish to work as software developers should know about programming languages like C, C++, C#, Python, Java, etc.

    Computer Systems Analyst

    To handle complex algorithms, major corporations like Microsoft and Dell require computer system analysts. Handling complex algorithms is important to improve the efficiency of the organisation’s systems.

    Web Developer

    BTech CSE Web Development

    One of the most exciting career options after BTech CSE is web development and designing. People who are interested in the development of websites and other aspects of websites can become web developers.

    To become a web developer, you should know about programming languages like CSS, HTML, Javascript, etc.

    Content Developer

    The work of a content developer is to research, prepare, write, and edit online content for front-end web development and marketing. A person with this degree will know how to create content that will increase traffic to the website.

    They know really well about the target audience and the category they fall into. These days content developers are high in demand.

    Computer Science Blogger

    Now, this career is for the one who is passionate about writing. People can make money by bringing traffic to the website, writing blogs, and more. They write more about computer science than any other topic.

    Other career options are:

    • Author for programming books
    • Product manager
    • Online marketer
    • Web designer
    • Product marketing and sales
    • Tech support and repair
    • Academicians/ Professors for programming language
    • PCB designer
    • Entrepreneurship

    Top BTech CSE recruiters

    • Facebook
    • TATA consultancy
    • Google
    • Flipkart
    • IBM Global Services
    • Adobe
    • Hewlett and Packard
    • Apple
    • HCL Technologies
    • Infosys Technologies
    • Yahoo

    What is the syllabus of BTech CSE?

    Here are all the topics that students of BTech CSE usually study.

    • Humanities and social sciences including management courses
    • Basic science courses
    • Engineering science courses
    • Professional core courses
    • Professional elective courses relevant to the chosen specialisation
    • Open subjects- electives from other technical and/ or emerging subjects
    • Project work, internship programmes, seminar
    • Mandatory courses

    Courses after BTech CSE

    If a student wishes to earn a specialised degree after completing BTech CSE, he can also opt to enrol for higher education. Postgraduate degrees that are available for BTech graduates are:

    Master of Science (MS/MSc):  it is a specialised degree at the postgraduate level.

    MTech: This is what most students pursue after completing their undergraduate degree in BTech CSE. This involves specialising in subjects a student opted for during graduation.

    MBA: Anyone who has a keen interest in business can pursue an MBA.

    Skills required

    There are certain skills that a candidate should acquire to pursue BTech CSE and be successful in the future. These skills are:

    • Problem-solving skills
    • Creativity
    • Good programming skills
    • Basics of machine learning
    • Strong data structures
    • Algorithm’s skills
    • Critical thinking
    • Basics of security, cryptography, and vulnerabilities
    • Basic web development knowledge

    How is Shoolini University for BTech CSE?

    BTech CSE at Shoolini University

    Shoolini University is located in Kasauli Hills, Solan. The university has been ranked 7th best private university in India according to QS World University rankings 2022. Also, the engineering school of Shoolini has been ranked 103rd by NIRF Ranking. The Faculty of Engineering got a Diamond rating by the international ranking agency QS.

    The university is well-equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and features advanced research centres. As a part of the university’s exchange programs, students get the opportunity to study abroad.

    BTech CSE programs offered at Shoolini University

    Want to make a career in Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Visit here to learn how: A Complete Guide to Make a Career in AI

    Other BTech programs offered at Shoolini University

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