BTech Civil Engineering (LEET)

Shoolini University offers cutting edge BTech Engineering Lateral Entry courses for students who might have missed the degree after Class 12. Students who have completed a diploma in Engineering or those who have completed an equivalent examination can apply for our Lateral Entry Course. Our Lateral Entry programs are designed to offer an optimum blend of theory and practice to provide a solid foundation in engineering with specializations in an area of choice. The aim of the courses is to equip students with the relevant skills of the industry.

After completing the three year course, students are able to secure various positions in the fields of software development, IT consultancy, networking, system analysis, software testing quality assurance, MIS, application architecture.

BTech Civil Engineering (LEET) Career Opportunities

  • Construction Engineer
  • Public Health Engineer
  • Geotechnical Engineer
  • Transportation Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Urban Planning Engineer


Semester -III 1 Computer Organisation & Architecture 3 Core
2 Structure Analysis 3 Core
3 Photogrammetry and Photo interpretation  2 Core
4 Estimation and costing for Civil Engineering 2 Core
5 Minor-1 4 Minor
6 SPRINT-II 1 Life Skills 
7 Volunteering/ Community Service 1 Life Skills 
8 Industrial Visit-III 0 Core
Total 16  
  1 Winter Internship-II 4 Core
Total 4  
Semester -IV 1 Surveying 3 Core
2 Concrete Technology 3 Core
3 Drone and UAV Remote sensing 3 Core
4 Current Applications of AI 2 Core 
5 Soil Mechanics 3 Core
6 Minor-2 4 Minor 
7 SPRINT-III 1 Life Skills 
8 Industrial Visit-IV 0 Core
9 Winter Internship-II 4  
Total 23  
  2 Weeks Survey camp after 4th Sem
Semester -V 1 Design of Reinforced Concrete Structure 3 Core
2 Design of Steel Structures 4 Core
3 Application based Programming in Python 3 Additional
4 Hydrology and Irrigation Engineering 2 Core
5 Departmental Elective-I 3 Core
6 Minor-3 4 Minor 
7 SPRINT-IV 1  Life Skills
8 Industrial Visit-V 0 Core
9 Survey Camp  1 Core
Total 21  
  1 Winter Internship-III 4 Core
Total 4  
Semester -VI 1 Highway Engineering 4 Core
2 AI III (Capstone Project) 1 Additional
3 Research Methodology 3 Core
4 Departmental Elective-II 3 Core
5 Departmental Elective-III 3 Core
6 Minor-4 4 Minor 
7 SPRINT-V 1 Life Skills
8 Industrial Visit-VI 0 Core
9 Winter Internship III 4 Core
Total 23  
Semester -VII 1 Computer Graphics 3 Core
2 Geospatical Analysis with Python 2 Core
3 Leadership Skills for Manufacturing 1 Core
4 Minor-5 (Option of online) 4 Minor 
5 SPRINT-VI (Option of online) 2 Life Skills
6 Apprentices/Research Work 10 Core
Total 22  
Semester -VIII 1 Research paper 1 3 Core
2 Patent/Design/Copyright 2 Life Skills 
3 Research Dissertation 10 Core
4 Minor-6 (Option of online) 4 Minor 
5 Digital Image Processing 3 Core
6 SPRINT-VII 2 Life Skills 
Total 24  
Total Credits (16+4+23+21+4+23+22+24) 137  
Departmental Elective Semester V
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence 
Biometric Security
Advance Python
Departmental Elective II and III of  Semester VI
Departmental Elective II 
 Digital Photogrammetry
Open sources GIS & Web Mapping 
 Geoinformatics for Watershed Management
Air borne & Terrestrial LiDAR 
Departmental Elective II I
GIS for Transportation Engineering  
Cloud based Geospatial Analysis 
Geodesy and GPS 
Geoinformatics for Environmental Monitoring 

Ashish Khosla
Ashish KhoslaProfessor
Virender Rihani
Virender RihaniProfessor
Shyam Singh Chandel
Shyam Singh ChandelProfessor
M S Thakur
M S ThakurProfessor
Bhaskar Goel
Bhaskar GoelProfessor
Ram Prakash Dwivedi
Ram Prakash DwivediProfessor
Abhilash Pathania
Abhilash PathaniaAssistant Professor
Pankaj Vaidya
Pankaj VaidyaProfessor
Raj Kumar Saini
Raj Kumar SainiAssociate Professor
Raj Kumar
Raj KumarAssociate Professor
Sorabh Aggarwal
Sorabh AggarwalAssistant Professor
Sushil Kumar
Sushil KumarAssistant Professor
Veena Kashyap
Veena KashyapAssistant Professor
Brij Bhushan Sharma
Brij Bhushan SharmaAssistant Professor
Namita Gandotra
Namita GandotraAssistant Professor
Diksha Sharma
Diksha SharmaAssistant Professor
Nitisha Sharma
Nitisha SharmaAssistant Professor
SoniaAssistant Professor
Arunava Poddar
Arunava PoddarAssistant Professor
Arvind Singh Bisht
Arvind Singh BishtAssistant Professor
Kushal Kanwar
Kushal KanwarAssistant Professor
Bharti Thakur
Bharti ThakurAssistant Professor
Prachi Agrawal
Prachi AgrawalAssistant Professor
Navsal Kumar
Navsal KumarAssistant Professor
Nitin Kumar Sharma
Nitin Kumar SharmaAssistant Professor
Rahul Chandel
Rahul ChandelAssistant Professor
Ishani Sharma
Ishani SharmaAssistant Professor
Maya Thapa
Maya ThapaAssistant Professor
Piyush Sewal
Piyush SewalAssistant Professor
KanikaAssistant Professor
Vikas Bhardwaj (B Tech ME)

Vikas Bhardwaj (B Tech ME)

Being educated in a top-ranked university changed me completely. With the support of Shoolini University, I got a placement in a company like Havells.

Varun Bhola (BTech)

Varun Bhola (BTech)

The biggest thing for every Engineering student is to get an opportunity to start their career with a reputed organization and a good package. I am lucky to have been placed with Tata Hitachi.

Frequently Asked Questions

The School of Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Engineering at Shoolini University has experienced faculty from top national, and international institutions such as IIT Kanpur and Charles Sturt University (Australia).

What are the future opportunities after completing BTech Civil Engineering LEET from Shoolini University?

The degree prepares students for jobs in various domains. Our students can work as Geotechnical Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Urban Planning Engineers and much more.

Our students learn and engage with the most accomplished professionals. Industry experts train students in the practical aspects of the subject. The Visionary Learning Community of India (VLCI) Program, pioneered by Padma Shri Professor Shoji Shiba, is a training program that targets small and medium-sized enterprises. Students are encouraged to participate in conferences, industry tours, and exchange programs with reputed universities abroad to keep them abreast of the latest findings in their areas of research.

Yes, the School has advanced laboratories for Heat and Mass Transfer, IC engine, Manufacturing, Automation/Robotics, Computer-Aided Designs, Civil Engineering and Environment Engineering, where students conduct experiments in their respective fields.

Our fully functional Placement Cell, run by experts, has tie-ups with various industry giants who visit the Shoolini campus during Placement week for on-the-spot Placements. Our 'Mission 130' aims at 100 per cent employability of students with 30 per cent in top companies.

Yes, we have a strong alumni network. Shoolini Alumni Association organises Alumni Meet every year, where alumni from across the world get together to share knowledge and expertise with current students. We also invite notable alumni for expert talks.

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Course Details

  • Eligibility: A diploma in any stream of engineering or technology with minimum of 60% marks; mathematics compulsory

  • Admission Criteria: CUET/NEET/JEE/ SAT or Shoolini University's multiple choice entrance test (SU-SAT)

  • Duration: 3 years

  • Fee Structure

    Semester Fee : 80000