Vanguard of Excellence: Student Success Stories at Shoolini

The corridors of Shoolini University resonate with the vibrant student success stories — a blend of ambition, resilience, and unmatched determination. Their successes are more than mere stories; they’re chronicles of excellence, set to inspire and motivate. 

At Shoolini, excellence isn’t just a goal; it’s a way of life. We take immense pride in nurturing talent, fostering creativity, and empowering every student to realise his full potential. This is accomplished through our world-class faculty, record placements, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Our high-impact research is evident through our flagship Summit Research Program at the undergraduate level, Centres of Excellence, and 104+ highly advanced laboratories. This has taken our research and students to the global stage. 

Join us as we celebrate remarkable student success stories accomplished with dedication, passion, and innovation. 

Akarsh Sharma: A Trailblazing Inventor & Patent Star 

Akarsh Sharma, a recent graduate from Shoolini University, has set a new standard for young innovators in India. Starting in his second year of BTech Mechanical (Automobile) Engineering, he filed an impressive 21 patents, among which 10 have already been granted. 

His innovative journey began when his car ran out of windshield fluid on a foggy morning, inspiring him to create the ‘Wiper Water System’. With guidance from Professors Amar Raj and Susheel Kumar, and support from Shoolini University’s Intellectual Property Rights cell, Akarsh turned this idea into his first patented invention. From there, he continued to innovate with patents like the Stone Collector, Marker-cum-Eraser, Hand Gripper Charger, Chakrasana Yoga-Machine, Corn-Kernel Separator, and more! 

Over the next decade, Shoolini’s patent prodigy envisions himself as an entrepreneur. His goal is to bridge the gap between innovative concepts and practical applications, fostering a symbiotic relationship between inventions and the real world.

Prekshi Sharma: Among Top 10 Pitchers at IIT 

Prekshi Sharma’s remarkable journey adds yet another glorious chapter to Shoolini’s legacy of achievements. This SRP student was among the top 10 pitchers at the ‘Carbon Zero Challenge 2023’ held at IIT Madras. This talented student outshone fierce competition from IITians, PhD scholars, and tech enthusiasts, emerging victorious.

Her groundbreaking idea of employing data science tools in agriculture is set to revolutionise India’s farming terrain, leading to a sustainable future. The pitching star finds Shoolini the perfect platform to take her research to the global arena.

Akash Minhas: From Food Tech to Indian Army 

Embarking on an extraordinary journey, Food Technology graduate Akash Minhas stepped into the role of Lieutenant in the Indian Army. He credits his success to the nurturing guidance of the Food Technology faculty, who helped him develop academically and personally. Beyond studies, he was always at the forefront of extracurricular activities like the vibrant Moksh festival, skill-enhancing SPRINT programs, and guest lectures. 

His commitment as an active member of ‘YouWeCan’ left a lasting impression, shaping his journey. Minhas also interned at the Office of International Affairs, readying him for his future career. Shoolini empowers all students who aspire to create impactful change and serve the country in any way. 

Raghav Rastogi: From Shoolini to Johns Hopkins 

It was a momentous moment for Raghav Rastogi of BTech Biotechnology (SRP) when he got admission to an advanced Master’s program at Johns Hopkins University in the United States. 

Grateful for his mentors’ support and guidance, Raghav said the undergraduate Summit Research Program was key to opening doors to his dream university in the US. 

Raghav’s accomplishment highlights the transformative impact of Shoolini University’s innovative research programs in shaping aspiring scholars into global trailblazers. His success story reaffirms the university’s commitment to inculcating a culture of academic excellence and groundbreaking research

Ananya Manishi: Flies to ESSEC Business School, France 

Shoolini’s bright star Ananya Manishi headed to ESSEC Business School in France for the MIM program, elevating the university’s reputation as a talent incubator. A brilliant biotechnology student, her accomplishment proves her academic prowess and leadership qualities. 

Ananya acknowledged her professors’ unwavering support and guidance, crediting them for instilling the confidence that fueled her success. She also emphasised the inclusive and supportive environment at the university, fostering meaningful collaborations among students and faculty, and enriching her educational journey. 

Bapin Kumar: From MSc in Biotechnology to PhD in Germany 

After completing his Master’s in Biotechnology, Bapin Kumar began his journey as a PhD student in Germany at the University of Osnabruck. The research-centric education and world-class faculty attracted him to Shoolini. 

During his time at Shoolini, Bapin went beyond the classroom, securing an exclusive opportunity for summer research and dissertation training at CSIR-CCMB in Hyderabad. Under the mentorship of distinguished scientists at CSIR-CCMB, Bapin actively contributed to cutting-edge research initiatives, expanding his scientific horizons, and engaging in collaborative endeavours. This experience fortified his practical skills and ignited his hunger for scientific exploration. 

Sibiraj Murugesan: Authors ‘Tale of Hope’ 

Sibiraj Murugesan, an undergraduate at Shoolini University, transcends academics as an author, environmentalist, and compassionate advocate. Through his poignant children’s novel, ‘The Tale of Hope,’ Sibiraj sheds light on muscular dystrophy, fostering inclusivity and self-acceptance among young readers. With relatable characters, including creatures from the animal kingdom, he empowers children to break free from mental constraints. Vice Chancellor Prof Atul Khosla and Dean of Student Welfare Poonam Nanda encouraged and supported this young author in his creative pursuit.  

He has pledged all the proceeds from the book to the Indian Association of Muscular Dystrophy (IAMD). 

Beyond his literary endeavours, Sibiraj is passionate about environmental research. Here, his inspiration was his grandparents’ legacy as organic farmers. Supported by professors and mentors at Shoolini, he wants to revolutionise textile wastewater treatment, safeguarding water resources. 

Wrapping Up 

In the heart of Shoolini University’s thriving ecosystem of innovation and excellence, these student success stories are not just individual triumphs but a collective testament to the transformative power of education. Each narrative, from Akarsh’s inventive genius to Prekshi’s pioneering agricultural solutions, Akash’s noble service, Raghav’s global leap, Ananya’s international foray, Bapin’s research voyage, and Sibiraj’s creative and environmental advocacy, weaves together a tapestry of aspiration, dedication, and success. These tales are more than mere accomplishments; they inspire future generations.

Through innovative programs, an inclusive learning environment, and pursuit of excellence, Shoolini is nurturing next-gen leaders. The student success stories at Shoolini begins with a dream and culminates in a legacy, echoing far and wide. 

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