Nurtured at Shoolini: Transforming Journey of Bapin

“A research-focused university and the esteemed faculty list were the compelling factors that drew me to Shoolini University for my Master’s degree. From the very beginning, I was immersed in a stimulating learning environment, where engaging lectures and meaningful interactions with the faculty became an integral part of my educational journey,” says Bapin Kumar.

Bapin is an alumnus of Shoolini University, where he pursued MSc in Biotechnology. He has embarked on a remarkable journey as a PhD student in Germany at the University of Osnabruck.

During his time at Shoolini, he also had the privilege of being selected for a prestigious summer research training and dissertation research opportunity at CSIR-CCMB in Hyderabad from 2019 to 2020. This accomplishment provided him with invaluable hands-on experience and further deepened his understanding of Biotechnology.

Under the guidance of renowned scientists at CSIR-CCMB, he had the opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge research, broaden his scientific horizons, and collaborate with brilliant minds in the field. This experience not only enhanced Bapin’s practical skills but also boosted his passion for scientific exploration.

Filled with boundless curiosity and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Bapin is all set to bring new energy to the field of science and contribute to the global scientific community.

As Bapin continues on this academic journey, we extend our heartfelt best wishes for a future filled with boundless opportunities, achievements, and fulfilment.

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Ciba Kanwar
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