SRP Student Prekshi Among Top 10 Pitchers at IIT

This is a story of the determination and creativity… of Prekshi Sharma… a first-year BTech SRP student at Shoolini University. Making her mark at the ‘Carbon Zero Challenge 2023’ held at IIT Madras, she emerged as one of the top 10 pitchers among a competitive group of IITians, PhD scholars, and tech enthusiasts across India. Her idea bridges innovation and agriculture.

Let’s find out more:

Project Focus:

Employing data science tools in agriculture to overcome stagnation and drive growth in the farming sector.  

Innovative Idea:  

Training Model Prototype in Farmers’ Language and Practices:  

Bridging the gap between researchers and farmers.  

Translating complex scientific terms into understandable language.  

Enhancing communication for sustainable soil health practices.  

Potential Impact:  

Introduction of Various Data Science Tools:  

Precision Agriculture Techniques  

Route Optimization Algorithms  

Transforming the field of agriculture. 

Hailing from a family of government employees, Prekshi’s upbringing instilled in her a profound sense of responsibility. She grew up in Balarampur, nestled near the India-Nepal border. Later, her family relocated to Lucknow.

Prekshi had multiple dreams and aspirations from an early age, always eager to explore and experiment with innovative ideas. Yet, through her varied interests, one constant thread emerged — a desire to be principled and actively contribute to society’s betterment. This passion led her to develop a keen interest in genetic engineering during eighth grade, sparked by the achievements in the field, particularly the battle against diseases like cancer. 

Expressing excitement about the event, she said, “The experience was humbling and inspiring, as I saw brilliant minds and companies, most of who were PhD scholars or start-up companies, showcasing their innovations. This experience motivated me to work even harder, with the aspiration to be a winner in the future.” 

Prekshi as an SRP student has outlined the factors that influenced her decision to choose Shoolini University: 

India’s First Biotechnology University 

India’s No.1 Private University 

The idyllic location in the mountains resonated with her 

Perfect place to nurture skills 

With her revolutionary ideas at the intersection of Data Science and Agriculture, she is not just making her mark but also creating ripples of change that promise to transform the landscape of farming in India.

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