NEP SAARTHIs Pioneer Change at North Zone VC Summit 

At the recent North Zone Vice Chancellor’s Conference held at Panjab University, three dynamic NEP SAARTHIs from Shoolini UniversityAgamroop Kaur, Nittan Sharma, and Asavari Kapoor – showcased their exceptional talents and insights. Representing their university with distinction, these student ambassadors were central to the vibrant discussions at the prestigious educational gathering. 

Understanding the significance of the NEP SAARTHI role is key to appreciating their contributions. This acronym stands for National Education Policy Student Ambassador for Academic Reforms in Transforming Higher Education in India, a University Grants Commission (UGC) initiative designed to ensure the effective implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP 2020) across India’s diverse educational landscape. 

Student Ambassadors are instrumental in raising awareness about the policy, soliciting feedback, and aiding the successful execution of NEP 2020 reforms. 

The conference centred on NEP 2020 and offered these NEP SAARTHIs a unique opportunity to engage with education luminaries, including UGC Chairman Prof Jagdeesh. He provided in-depth perspectives on NEP 2020, focusing on enhancing the relevance and engagement of education for today’s students. 

“What made this experience truly inspiring was the interactive session that followed,” said Nittan Sharma. “As NEP SAARTHIs, our insights were valued. Prof Jagdeesh encouraged an open exchange of ideas, offering guidance on collectively driving societal change through educational reform. His inspiring words energised and infused us with a renewed sense of purpose,” he added. 

Asavari Kapoor reflected on the empowering nature of the event, saying, “It was more than just an opportunity to gain knowledge; it was about feeling empowered. The conference became a catalyst for learning, growth, and connecting with peers who share our passion for reshaping education in India.” 

Agamroop Kaur emphasised the honour of representing Shoolini University. “Being among such esteemed personalities fueled our sense of purpose. This event highlighted the power of collective wisdom and commitment to steer India’s education system towards excellence.” 

This event encouraged the NEP SAARTHIs to lead efforts for change and make valuable contributions to the future of education in India. 

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