Gateway to Pharma Industry: Shoolini Courses Offer Comprehensive Training

The post-pandemic era witnessed an unprecedented surge in pharmaceutical products, driven by the urgent need for medications like Remdesivir to treat COVID-19 patients. This heightened demand underscored the crucial role of pharmacists, scientists, and medicine in the healthcare industry. The global pharmaceutical sector displayed remarkable agility and resilience, actively participating in the pandemic response by rapidly developing and manufacturing vaccines, ensuring a consistent supply of essential medications, and engaging in research and development. India, often referred to as the “Pharmacy of the World”, played a significant role in producing high-quality generic drugs at affordable prices, addressing both domestic and global healthcare needs. With the pharmaceutical industry’s growing prominence, Shoolini University emerged as a leading institution, offering a comprehensive range of courses that act as a gateway to the pharmaceutical industry.

The Pharmaceutical Industry’s Response to the Pandemic

During the pandemic, the pharmaceutical industry played a critical role in responding to the urgent healthcare needs. Companies like Bharat Biotech, Zydus Cadilla, and Serum Institute garnered newfound respect for their agile and collaborative efforts. They developed and manufactured vaccines with unparalleled speed, ensuring a consistent supply of essential medications, saving lives, and providing hope for a return to normalcy. The industry’s response showcased its agility, resilience, and preparedness in times of crisis.

India: The ‘Pharmacy of the World’

In December 2022, Union Finance Minister & Corporate Affairs Nirmala Sitharaman claimed India to be the “Pharmacy of the World”. This is due to India’s ability to produce high-quality generic drugs at affordable prices within the country and globally. India’s vast population with varied healthcare needs requires bespoke solutions, fostering drug discovery, clinical trials, and collaborations with academic institutions and global pharmaceutical companies.

Expanding Opportunities in the Pharmaceutical Industry

With a significant presence in domestic and global markets, pharmaceutical companies in India continuously seek skilled professionals to drive their operations. The industry offers diverse job opportunities for individuals seeking careers in research and development (R&D), manufacturing, production, quality control, and supply chain management. Aspiring professionals with educational backgrounds in pharmacy, life sciences, chemistry, business administration, and engineering can find exciting and rewarding career paths in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Shoolini University: Nurturing Pharma Professionals

Shoolini University is India’s No.1 Private University as per the QS World University Rankings 2024 and the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023. It provides comprehensive training for aspiring pharmaceutical professionals. The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences offers state-of-the-art specialist laboratories, fostering innovation and research. The highly acclaimed NIRF ranked Shoolini as the 41st best Pharmacy College in India in 2023. Moreover, it holds approvals from AICTE and PCI.

Pharma Courses at Shoolini University

Here is an extensive list of Shoolini pharma courses catering to diverse interests and career aspirations.

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm)

If you wish to prepare for a comprehensive career in the healthcare sector, Shoolini University’s BPharmacy program can be an excellent place to begin. This 4-year course offers a well-rounded curriculum covering pharmacological action, chemical structure, and drug formulation. Admission to the program requires qualification in NEET, JEE, or SAT exams.

Throughout the bachelor’s program, students are exposed to practical learning, modern laboratories, and research projects, allowing them to gain hands-on experience in the pharmaceutical field. The university’s experienced faculty and industry collaborations ensure that students stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the industry.

Upon completing the degree, students are rewarded with promising placement and career opportunities in leading pharmaceutical companies and research organisations. Shoolini University’s BPharmacy program provides a strong foundation for aspiring pharmacists to significantly impact the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

  • Master of Pharmacy (MPharm)

Shoolini University offers a distinguished Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) program with a variety of specialisations, setting it apart from others. Students can pursue MPharm in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, and Pharmacology, providing them with diverse options to align their interests and career goals. To be eligible for these courses, students need a B.Pharm degree with a minimum of 55% marks.

One of the significant highlights of the MPharm program at Shoolini University is its focus on cutting-edge research in various key areas. Students have the opportunity to delve into fields such as Pharmacology and Toxicology, Formulation and Development of herbal drugs, and Natural and Synthetic based drug discovery. This research-oriented approach fosters innovation and prepares students to tackle complex challenges in the pharmaceutical industry.

Upon completing their MPharm degree, graduates have various paths to explore. They can opt for higher studies, pursuing a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences or related fields to delve deeper into research. Alternatively, they can enter the industry and take up leading positions such as formulation development scientists, quality control managers, or research associates in pharmaceutical companies.

With a strong focus on academic excellence, hands-on learning, and industry exposure, the MPharm program at Shoolini University equips students with the knowledge, skills, and research expertise required to excel in the pharmaceutical domain and contribute significantly to advancing healthcare and medicine.

  • MPharm in Pharmacology

MPharm Pharmacology program focuses on theoretical concepts of pharmacological interventions and molecular targets underlying various diseases. Students receive training in advanced experimental techniques.

  • MPharm in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

MPharm Pharmaceutical Chemistry program emphasises designing new drug molecules using various drug design approaches, with practical exposure to medicinal, organic, and plant chemistry.

  • MPharm in Pharmaceutics

MPharm Pharmaceutics covers pre-formulation studies, development, and in-vitro evaluation of conventional and advanced drug delivery systems.

  • Phd in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Shoolini University offers a highly competitive PhD program in Pharmaceutical Sciences, attracting those passionate about discoveries in pharmaceuticals and medicines. This three-year degree delves deep into the design, formulation, and testing of various drugs to understand their impact on human health.

The PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences program at Shoolini University focuses on essential research areas such as drug action, drug delivery, and drug discovery. Students engage in comprehensive studies covering Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, toxicology, clinical and experimental therapeutics, medicinal chemistry, and Pharmacognosy.

One of the key strengths of this program is its commitment to staying current with industry demands. The curriculum is regularly updated to reflect the latest trends and advancements in the pharmaceutical sector, ensuring students are well-prepared for professional challenges.

Students receive invaluable mentorship throughout their journey, guiding them to excel in their research and academic pursuits.

The PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences program at Shoolini University provides a stimulating and dynamic platform for aspiring researchers and pharmaceutical professionals to push the boundaries of knowledge and make significant contributions to developing new medicines and healthcare solutions.

  • BPharmacy (Lateral Entry) Program

Shoolini University’s inclusive approach allows students to enrol in the BPharmacy (Lateral Entry) program, meant for those who pursued a diploma after class 12. This program helps students catch up on lost time and gain practical training in pharmaceutical sciences.

Global Exposure and Collaborations

Shoolini University provides global exposure through exchange programs with renowned universities like the University of Arkansas, Lanzhou University, University of Naples, Taipei Medical University, Gachon University, and South Dakota Mines University. Collaborations with international academia and multinational pharmaceutical industries lead to research projects with DST, ICMR, DRDO, and MAS.

Placement Opportunities and Internships

Shoolini University’s strong industry collaborations lead to excellent placement opportunities and internships in top pharmaceutical companies like Dr. Reddy’s, Zydus Cadilla, Glenmark, Mankind, and more. Internships provide valuable industrial training.


Shoolini University’s comprehensive training and strong foundation make it an ideal option for students aspiring to enter the pharmaceutical industry. The institution’s practical training, research opportunities, and industry collaborations contribute to enhancing students’ employability in the dynamic field of pharmacy. With its commitment to excellence, Shoolini University continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of pharmaceutical professionals and making a positive impact in the healthcare sector.

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