Saga of Vibrant Cultural Events & Academic Triumphs

Shoolini is more than the academic achievements; it’s a campus where cultural vibrancy thrives year-round. The campus hosts exciting cultural events, from electrifying festivals to talent hunts, showcasing a unique blend of academic excellence and cultural life.

Throughout the academic calendar, Shoolini University hosts a kaleidoscope of cultural extravaganzas that unite students, faculty, and enthusiasts alike. These cultural events aren’t just about entertainment; they’re platforms that celebrate creativity, talent, and diversity. 

The 2023 cultural expedition was full of enthusiasm, spanning Moksh, Litfest, Creator’s Fest, Marvel Media Fest, Manchtantra, and more. This year also saw the 7th convocation program. These cultural events collectively painted a vivid picture of cultural richness and talent at Shoolini University. 

Moksh Fest lights up Shoolini Campus 

The long-awaited annual festival, Moksh, returned after a three-year hiatus due to pandemic restrictions. The fest showcased an array of performances, including the Battle of the Bands, Nati Night, EDM extravaganza, Open Mic Sessions, and a captivating fashion show. Notable highlights included the crowning Drutiman Sonawal as Mr Moksh and Preety Kalyan as Ms Moksh. The engaging performances by renowned artists like Nati King Kuldeep Sharma, Ajay Bhardwaj, and the Punjabi group ‘The Landers ‘were bang on. The enthusiastic participation from various schools and universities marked the success of Moksh.   

Amidst the spirited performances, Shoolini University emerged victorious in the Battle of Nati. At the same time, the fashion show, sponsored by Westside (Solan), showcased exceptional local talent. The festival’s finale reverberated with gratitude for the meticulous organisation and the wholehearted commitment of students and faculty. Dean Students Welfare Poonam Nanda commended the organising committee. Vice Chancellor Prof Atul Khosla highlighted the event’s significance in uniting youth from diverse backgrounds to celebrate India’s rich cultural tapestry. 

Moksh’s successful comeback showed how cultural events unite everyone and celebrate the diverse community. 

Spellbinding Moments at Shoolini’s Litfest 

Author Ruskin Bond inaugurated the third Literary Fest at Shoolini. He encouraged perseverance in the face of rejection and emphasised the importance of reading for writing better. Dr YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry Vice Chancellor Dr Rajeshwar Singh Chandel was the chief guest at the inaugural function. Prof Navreet Sahi released her book, ‘Trickster or Hero: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of the Picaro’. 

Over 50 distinguished speakers from diverse fields, including fiction, poetry, films, and food shared captivating insights. The festival provided a valuable platform for idea exchange, networking, and literary appreciation, offering Shoolini students a unique opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge from their experiences. 

Simultaneously, the Flower Festival drew in over 170 students from nine schools, offering engaging activities like flower arrangement, salad-making, painting competitions, and storytelling sessions. The fusion of literature and celebration continued with a musical evening by the Benam Artist Band at the Open-Air Theatre, igniting a vibrant celebration of life. The event culminated with the classical music festival ‘Basantotsav’. The Litfest was concluded on a high note of gratitude from Mrs Saroj Khosla. Chief Learning Officer Ashoo Khosla appreciated the students and faculty for enriching the festival. 

Media Mavericks Come Together at Marvel Festival 

The School of Media and Communications hosted Shoolini’s first-ever Media Marvel Fest. The fest showcased talent and creativity, where 10 regional institutions participated in over 13 competitions. It was inaugurated by Chancellor Prof PK Khosla. Chief guests Sanjiv Arora and Ashish Khosla inspired students to excel in media and communications, emphasising values of honesty and dedication in the profession. Students from various universities participated in competitions like photography, documentary filmmaking, and more.   

The fireside chat with author Kunal Nandwani, exploring his book ‘Techtopia’, contemplating humanity’s future in a tech-dominated world, was the highlight of the fest. 

The event concluded on a high note, where Chandigarh University lifted the Overall Trophy. Shoolini University Trustee and Director Nishtha Shukla Anand motivated students to think beyond boundaries and excel in journalism.

Creators’ Fest at Shoolini  

Shoolini University hosted the much-awaited Creators’ Fest organised by the Communications Team. This special event brought together social media influencers, entrepreneurs, radio hosts, nutritionists, coaches, and tech experts, all well-known in the media industry for their impressive work. The event began with sessions led by Shivansh Garg, an angel investor and mentor. 

The day unfolded with engaging talks from 21-year-old entrepreneur Riya Upreti, youngest Unacademy educator Kriti Sharma, Associate Director at Physicswallah Manan Verma, blogger and digital creator Shivani Sharma Singh, Nutritionist Abhilasha Sharma, and popular radio jockeys RJ Abhimanyu, RJ Anmol and RJ Manisha. Each speaker shared invaluable experiences, from entrepreneurial ventures to career guidance, social media strategies, healthy lifestyle, and leveraging technology to generate income. The fest topped off with a vibrant panel discussion and a lively musical gig, enlightening students about diverse career paths, and emphasising the essence of self-investment.

Manchtantra’s vibrant spectacle at Shoolini  

Shoolini Manchtantra - cultural events

Shoolini University’s Manchtantra, the annual interdepartmental competition, brought the campus to life over three vibrant days. Students and faculty dazzled the audience with various performances, showcasing folk dances, Bollywood moves, soulful singing, fashion shows, and stand-up comedy. The event ended with a grand finale on October 8. The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences claimed the top spot, followed by the faculties of Liberal Arts, Ancient Wisdom, and Legal Sciences.  

Themed ‘Bharat’, Manchtantra celebrated India’s rich cultural diversity, offering a platform for departments to showcase their talents. Esteemed judges from the entertainment industry, including renowned figures like Abha and Kuldeep Chandel, evaluated the performances. Dr Ashoo Khosla, Chief Learning Officer at Shoolini University, praised the exceptional talent and thanked the faculty members for their contributions. The competition cultivated a spirit of togetherness within the university community, establishing new standards for upcoming editions. 

Tansen ki Khoj at Shoolini   

Shoolini University’s singing contest, ‘Tansen ki Khoj,’ was a big hit! The stage came alive as the aspiring singers entertained the audience with melodious songs, mesmerising everyone. Among the impressive contenders, Ahana Nath emerged the winner, securing the coveted title of Shoolini’s Tansen. Abhijit Nair’s exceptional performance earned him the runner-up position.

7th Convocation Celebrates Achievements  

Over 2,200 Shoolini students were overjoyed as they got their degrees during the 7th Convocation held on October 16. Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu was the chief guest. Himachal Pradesh Health Minister Col Dhani Ram Shandil (retd) was the guest of honour. These degrees included 53 doctorates and 60 gold medals across various programs. The Chief Minister urged students to utilise government initiatives for entrepreneurship. He emphasised opportunities in education, electric vehicles, green hydrogen projects, and floriculture to propel growth and contribute to the state’s development.  

Renowned figures like ATLAS Skill Tech University Vice Chancellor Rajan Welukar, Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board Chairman Sanjay Kumar, and Lt Gen JS Negi (retd) were present on the occasion. They advocated for education’s role in prosperity, emphasising the state’s potential in health and floriculture. Chancellor Prof PK Khosla stressed the significance of research in academic institutions. Vice Chancellor Prof Atul Khosla highlighted the commitment to becoming a top research university. Shoolini Registrar Prof Sunil Puri thanked the dignitaries, especially the Chief Minister for making the event memorable for all students. 

Closing Thoughts 

Shoolini University’s colourful cultural events reflect its dedication to a well-rounded education. From the resounding success of Moksh Fest to the enlightening Litfest, pulsating Marvel Fest, exciting Creator’s Fest, and the soulful Tansen ki Khoj, each event has entertained and celebrated creativity, diversity, and talent within the Shoolini community. The university’s 7th Convocation marked an illustrious milestone, graced by dignitaries and visionary leaders.  

Such events reflect the ethos of unity, creativity, and growth, promising a future of innovation, excellence, and inclusivity. 

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