Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences lifts Overall Trophy at Grand Finale

Shoolini University campus came alive with talent and creativity during Manchtantra, the much-awaited annual interdepartmental competition. Over three days, the university's faculty and students showcased a wide array of performances, captivating the audience with folk dances, Bollywood moves, duets, soulful singing, dazzling fashion shows, and rib-tickling stand-up comedy. 

The grand finale on October 8 brought the event to a close, with the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences claiming the top prize. Not to be outdone, the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Ancient Wisdom, and Legal Sciences also showcased impressive performances, securing a well-deserved runner-up position.

Manchtantra, aptly named to symbolise a platform for departments to flaunt their diverse talents, unfolded from October 5 to 7. The theme, ‘Bharat’, allowed for a rich tapestry of performances, showcasing India's cultural heritage and diversity. 

Rishabh Shyam, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Management Sciences, shared his enthusiasm, "With each Himachali folk dance performance, we aim to highlight our vibrant culture. We eagerly await and cherish this annual opportunity to share our heritage with the audience."

The judging panel for the main event comprised an illustrious lineup of stars from the entertainment world, including Abha, the fashion icon of 2022, Kuldeep Chandel, a PhD holder in music and a top 30 participant in Sa Re Ga Ma Little Champs, Kuwar Thakur, a music producer and the best drummer in North India in 2013, Ashvin Pravan Triveni, a DID dancer associated with Kala Sangram dance academy, and Dr Ashoo Khosla, Chief Learning Officer at Shoolini University.  

Chief Learning Officer Dr Ashoo Khosla stated, “After observing the outstanding performances over the three-day span of Manchantantra, I'm truly impressed by the immense talent on display. The efforts and creativity showcased were nothing short of extraordinary. A heartfelt thank you to all the faculty members who actively contributed to the event."

The competition was a whirlwind of enthusiasm, with each university department showcasing its unique themes and performances. Dean of Student Welfare Poonam Nanda commented, "Each year, Manchtantra sets a higher standard for the next, motivating both students and faculty to give their best performances.”

Masterfully organised by the dedicated team from the Dean of Student Welfare at Shoolini University, the event was a seamless and unforgettable experience. It not only celebrated individual talent but also nurtured a sense of camaraderie and creativity within the university's diverse academic community.

~Ciba Kanwar

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