Power of MBA Specialisations: Choosing the Right One for Your Career

Are you considering taking the next step in your academic and professional journey by pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA)? If so, this will change your future completely, as the choices available for MBA specialisations have expanded, offering a diverse range. As a prospective student, you might find yourself at the crossroads, deciding between a general MBA or a specialised MBA program. 

To assist you on this educational journey, we’ve prepared an informative blog that explores the power of MBA specialisations and provides a glimpse into intriguing options. So, let’s dive into the world of MBA programs and find the one that’s perfect for your career goals.

What are MBA Specialisations? How are they different from General MBA?

MBA, which stands for Master of Business Administration, is like a versatile toolbox that equips you with essential skills to thrive in business. But just like a toolbox, it has various specialised tools that cater to different needs. Let’s break down the concept of MBA specialisations in simple terms for you. 

What’s an MBA Specialisation? 

Imagine you’re in a massive library, and an MBA is a vast collection of books. MBA specialisations are like different sections within the library, each housing books on a particular subject. These sections are where you dive deep into a specific area of business. For example, you can specialise in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, or Entrepreneurship, just to name a few. 

How is It Different from a General MBA? 

A General MBA is like the main entrance of the library. You get a taste of different subjects – finance, marketing, management – but don’t delve too deep into them. It’s a bit like a sampler platter at a restaurant. It’s good to know a bit about everything, but if you want to become an expert in a particular field, you’d go to the respective section in the library, or in the case of an MBA, you’d choose a specialisation. 

Why Choose a Specialisation? 

Imagine you love cooking. You can learn a little about many dishes or become a master chef in a specific cuisine – say, Italian. Specialising allows you to develop expertise, making you highly sought after in that field. Companies value specialists, just as food enthusiasts value a great Italian chef. 

Remember, the world of business is vast and diverse. MBA specialisations are your tickets to explore the library of opportunities and knowledge, so pick the one that truly fits your passion! 

The Advantage of Pursuing MBA Specialisations for Career Growth

A specialised MBA can bring several benefits to students: 

  1. In-Depth Knowledge: Specialised MBAs focus on specific areas like finance, marketing, or healthcare. This means you can gain a deeper understanding of your chosen field. 
  2. Career Advancement: These programs can help you stand out in the job market and open up career advancement opportunities. Employers often value expertise in a particular area. 
  3. Networking: You’ll have the chance to connect with peers, professors, and industry professionals who share your interests, potentially leading to valuable career connections. 
  4. Higher Earning Potential: Specialised MBAs can lead to higher earning potential due to expertise in a specific area, which is highly sought after by employers. 
  5. Flexibility: Though specialised, these programs still provide a broad business foundation, allowing you to work in various roles within your chosen field. 
  6. Problem-Solving Skills: Specialised programs often focus on real-world problem-solving, which can be directly applied to your career.

Career Forecast for MBA Graduates says over 50% of MBA graduates worldwide are senior managers or board directors. An AMBA found that 58% of MBA graduates were in senior management, board-level, or CEO roles. 

Which university is the best to pursue MBA Specialisations?

Are you thinking about pursuing an MBA specialisation? Look no further than Shoolini University, the No.1 Private University in India according to THE World University Rankings and QS World University Rankings. 

Why Choose Shoolini University for Your MBA? 

  1. Academic Excellence: The fully residential MBA program at Shoolini is mentored by top business leaders. The School of Business Management at Shoolini has faculty from renowned companies like McKinsey, PwC, and Citi and institutions like IITs, IIMs, and ISB. Shoolini offers a multidisciplinary curriculum based on the Stanford Graduate Business School, empowering students with critical thinking and decision-making skills.
  2. Best MBA Specialisations: Shoolini University offers a range of MBA specialisations to make you industry-ready. You can choose from options like Marketing, Digital Marketing, Human Resources, Agri-Business, Pharma and Healthcare, Biotechnology, Communications, Business Analytics, Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Tourism, Finance, Financial Markets, Retail, Banking, and Insurance.
  3. Key Highlights: Shoolini’s MBA program is globally recognised with NBA accreditation. Shoolini University aims for 100% employability, with 30% of graduates in top companies. Paid internships provide practical experience, and the institution has global alliances with universities worldwide for international exposure. Moreover, Shoolini holds a record of offering 100% MBA placements to all its students. 
  4. Personality Development: The Faculty of Management Sciences at Shoolini University conducts skill development programs like SPRINT, Advanced Training Program (ATP), Troops Program, and Mentorship Program to provide industry exposure, problem-solving abilities, physical challenges, and career guidance to its MBA students. These programs help in enhancing your MBA career as well.  
  5. MBA Scholarship:  Shoolini University believes in rewarding excellence. That’s why it offers MBA Merit Scholarships to outstanding students.
    Eligibility: To qualify for these scholarships, you must meet specific criteria. You can apply if you have scored at least 90 percentile on the NMAT, 80 percentile on the CAT, achieved a GMAT score of 600, or are ranked in the top 10 on the Shoolini Management Aptitude Reasoning Test (SMART).
    Application: Once you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for these scholarships.
    Interview: After your application is accepted, qualified MBA candidates will have the opportunity to participate in a scholarship interview. This interview is a chance for you to showcase your abilities and potential.
    In total, the university offers 20 of these scholarships, so there are plenty of opportunities for deserving students to receive financial support for their MBA journey at Shoolini University.
  6. Stunning Campus: Nestled in the hills, Shoolini University offers a breathtaking backdrop for your MBA journey. The state-of-the-art campus is equipped with a range of fantastic facilities like basketball courts, an indoor sports complex, badminton courts, and the Yuvraj Singh Stadium for cricket. The auditoriums, such as APJ Hall and PDH, provide versatile spaces for workshops and lectures. The Yogananda Library is a treasure trove of knowledge, open 24/7.

MBA Specialisations at Shoolini University


In the competitive corporate world, your choice of MBA specialisation is like a compass guiding you to your unique destination. With a range of unique and in-demand specialisations, a vibrant campus, and a commitment to excellence, Shoolini University invites you to a journey where every possibility is on the table. Shoolini is the best university for MBA in India and is the destination for a perfect career after an MBA.

Your success story begins here, at Shoolini University. Join Shoolini Now!

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