Cloud Computing in 2023 – Everything You Need to Know

Cloud Computing has permeated every part of our daily lives. And in 2023, it is ready to go above and beyond, driving all transformative technology trends. So, be prepared for more tech advancements, such as virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), the metaverse, cloud gaming, and quantum computing.

In its simplest terms, cloud computing is the delivery of computing resources as a service. By moving to the cloud, resources are no longer owned and controlled by the end user but rather by a third-party provider.

Cloud computing: A boon for the tech world

Cloud computing is a mission-critical technology with a high potential for access, accessibility, and efficiency. It is often hailed as the answer to immortality, health, riches, happiness, and space flight.

However, cloud computing is still under utilised. Though there is a strong emphasis on data storage, much needs to be done in insight development. In the initial wave of cloud computing, storage, apps, and the advent of software as a service were focus areas. In the second iteration, IT teams improved their capability and modernised working procedures. Accessibility will determine the cloud computing model of the future.

Cloud computing: A huge business

According to a study, “Cloud computing can be worth $68.5 billion by 2025. This means the sector will grow at 15% per year and increase its cost by that year, bringing its estimated net value to about $800 billion. These dynamic effects of cloud adoption are reflected in three popular and widely used forms of cloud computing servicessoftware-as-a-service (SaaS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), and platform-as-a-service (PaaS).

Future trends and ideas for cloud computing: 2023

“I don’t need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster& carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine by comparison.”  Steve Jobs

We will see a huge leap in technology in the coming years. And as data storage is one of the major requirements of any industry or individual, cloud computing will be at the top of almost all technological advancements. Lets see how.

Increased storage space

Data is produced in large volumes today; the challenge here is secure storage. This is why businesses require a facility to store data safely. As the competition among cloud providers intensifies, the cost will come down, and more data centres will emerge.

Enhanced internet performance

The Internet of Things (IoT) will improve the quality of the internet. The IoT and cloud computing will ensure that data is stored safely in the cloud for further analysis and better performance. Users anticipate high-quality, quick-loading applications and services. The offered network will be quicker, making it easier to receive and deliver information.

Modular software will be a priority

An individual program’s size and complexity are both rising steadily. This implies that advanced system thinking will soon be necessary for cloud technology.

Because applications will eventually store somewhere other than the cloud, we can see software development from various perspectives in the future. This program will store data across many modules on several cloud service servers. As it is more cost-effective to keep separate program components on different storage, this can help lower the cost of the software.

Cloud computing and the Internet of Things

The internet of Things (IoT) is another cutting-edge technology since it offers ongoing advancements in cloud computing and real-time data analytics. There are numerous data, process, and machine-to-machine interactions going on. With the aid of cloud computing, it is easier to accomplish.

Development of cloud services

There are three components of cloud computing:

  1. Infrastructure as a service
  2. Platform as a service
  3. Software as a service

As software as a service solution will handle more than 60% of the workload, researchers conclude that cloud computing will be one of the leading technologies in the future.

Additionally, platform as a service and infrastructure as a service, already being used by most enterprises, are expected to grow steadily. Cloud computing is accessible to everyone and works with new and established enterprises.

Security: Even while the cloud stores data, it’s not entirely secure. Moving forward, cloud providers will offer better protection to stop cyber attacks.

Modular software: Businesses use a lot of software that hasn’t been updated. This requires redesigned cloud computing software for better functionality and security. This program will be easier to use and more adaptable, saving time and money.

Economic benefit: Hardware costs will come down as virtualisation, and the cloud will handle most work. If evolution continues at this rate, a computer will examine the data saved in the cloud, negating the need for a human to perform the task.

Top 10 cloud computing careers of 2023

  1. Cloud administrators are experts who manage a company’s cloud presence and infrastructure.
  2. Cloud support engineers are trouble shooters who assist customers, typically B2B clients.
  3. Cloud security analysts are responsible for ensuring the integrity and security of a company’s cloud presence.
  4. Cloud network engineers design and maintain an organisation’s cloud services across a network in a specific division or the company.
  5. Cloud software engineers work with programmers and related computer scientists to develop software that operates in the cloud, often as SaaS or IaaS systems.
  6. Cloud automation engineers build, implement, and maintain the automation technology as it migrates to the cloud.
  7. Cloud engineers manage a company’s cloud strategies.
  8. Cloud consultants guide companies looking for cloud-based tools.
  9. Cloud data scientists develop logical management and organisation systems for otherwise heavy data in cloud infrastructure environments.
  10. Cloud architects design and implement cloud computing solutions. This includes designing the cloud infrastructure, designing the cloud application architecture, and designing the cloud security architecture.

If cloud computing has perked up your interest and you want to pursue it as a career; the new-age Shoolini University is the best choice.

Shoolini: No.1 Private University in India 

Shoolini University’s cutting-edge programs, recognised among the best in the world, provide access to the digital arena. Shoolini’s Engineering programs received a ‘Diamond Rating’ from the prestigious world-ranking organisation QS I-Gauge, making them highly sought after in the tech world.

Shoolini University’s invaluable partnership with IBM offers access to the most up-to-date technology platforms. Certifications are available in 180 professional courses that cover key specialisations. Global behemoths like Microsoft and AWS Academy also provide training material, access to technological platforms, and certifications.

Cloud Computing at Shoolini University

Cloud computing courses at Shoolini University are comprehensive and designed for the industry. The pedagogy includes recognised certification from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) academy, preparing you for flourishing careers.

Shoolini University provides a specialised program in cloud computing with specialisations in database administration and analytics.

Shoolini University has a proactive and dedicated Placement Cell led by academicians with deep knowledge and insight into student and industry interests. Students from the Cloud Computing program are placed in companies like Airtel, Byju’s, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Nestle, HCL, ICICI, Pinkerton, Serum Institute, Cognizant, AADDOO.AI, and more. Shoolini also offers competitive internships.

Shoolini University has signed MoUs with global universities in the USA, Canada, Italy, United Kingdom, China, South Africa and Saudi Arabia. This helps faculty and student exchange.

Cloud Computing Programs

Key highlights

  • State-of-the-art computer labs.
  • Collaboration with Ikigai Lab, IIT Kanpur.
  • Guest lectures by global tech experts in the field.
  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty.
  • Support from global giants like Microsoft & AWS Academy.
  • Work with a small team of peers and assigned mentors to conceptualise breakthrough applications.
  • AI Interview Coaching Prep with access to Siqandar, the worlds best interview prep coach.

Cloud computing is the future in this dynamic and rapidly evolving world of technology. So, equip yourselves now as demands on IT firms will increase with time. So, if you’re starting on your cloud journey, join Shoolini for a bright future!

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