Which Specialisation under CSE is the Best Career Option?

CSE or Computer Science Engineering enhances an understanding of designing, implementing, and maintaining the information system in computer hardware and software. A CSE program deals with the scientific and engineering aspects of computing.

Problem-solving strategies and powerful tools that will serve as the foundation for answers to ever-more-complex scientific and technical challenges are developed using CSE’s focus on the application of applied mathematics and computer science.

The growth in the data sector also indicates future trends. There has been a 47.1% increase in job requirements in the past year in this field. With India contributing 9.4% of the total number of global analytics job openings, this seems a perfect time to pursue a career in Data Science. That is not all, other fields like cloud computing and cyber security are also in demand.

Which CSE specialisation is better?

With a number of BTech CSE courses available, it is natural for a student to get confused about choices. Interest in a specific CSE specialisation and market demand should be the key parameters for choosing a CSE specialisation. 

Shoolini University, through its Yogananda School of AI, Computers and Data Science puts forth a number of career choices in CSE for those who are interested. The university has a Diamond Rating in the prestigious QSI-Gauge which makes each of the engineering courses here rank among the best in the world.

Now let’s talk about some of the popular CSE Specialisations.

Artificial Intelligence

BTech CSE Artificial Intelligence

If you aspire to bring a revolution in a way technology is envisaged, BTech Artificial Intelligence could be a perfect start to your career. Those with an interest in coding, creating live human detection techniques or designing self-driven vehicles will find this CSE specialisation useful.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence methods from different fields to come up with a comprehensive machine learning solution is taught at Shoolini University. Techniques such as Neural Networks, Signal Processing, Control and Data Mining are taught in the BTech AI course.

The latest technological innovation is available for students as the Yogananda School of AI, Computers and Data Science has a collaboration with Ikagi Lab in IIT Kanpur and students can research in areas like Drug Discovery, Intelligent Apps and AI-based Health Systems.

With a specialisation in Artificial Intelligence, aspirants can see huge growth and success in the fields of Machine Learning, Data Science and Business Intelligence Development.

PhD Artificial Intelligence

PhD AI is also available at Shoolini University for those who wish to pursue research in this field. The operation of computer systems in the context of its use as a decision-making instrument is emphasised during this research program. Students also get an opportunity to be part of a global program under which they can opt for student exchange with 250+ leading universities.

After completion of PhD AI, students can consider career options like Academician, Research Scientist, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Developer, AI Data Analysts and AI Engineers.

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Data Science

BTech CSE Data Science

Different concepts of Data Science, particularly in the field of statistics, data mining, data warehouse and data visualisation are dealt with in this degree program. If you are someone who likes to explore data to unveil hidden designs and patterns, develop correlations and come up with worthy insights, BTech CSE Data Science at Shoolini University would be the perfect course for you.

Specialisation is available in Analytics and Database administration in this course. You can choose key areas of research, including Data Mining Tools, Scalable Storage Systems for Big Data, Handling Privacy Issues in Data, Software and Tools for Big Data Processing, etc.

With a CSE Data Science degree, you can consider working in the field of Database Administration, Database Development and Data Analytics.

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PhD Data Science

Todays large and complex datasets cannot be handled by traditional data processing applications. The need to handle big data requires big models, and doctoral scholars who are able to do so, are in much demand. This unique program provides students with the opportunity to work alongside industry partners in analysing, capturing, sharing and visualising a great amount of data that can be used to solve challenges in real-time.

Positions like Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer and Scientist, Data Engineer, Application Architect, Business Intelligence Developer, etc., open up after completing PhD Data Science.

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Cloud Computing

BTech CSE Cloud Computing

An in-depth and industry-ready curriculum is followed for Cloud Computing specialisation at Shoolini University. Amazon Web Services (AWS) academy certification is also provided to the students as part of the curriculum which prepares them comprehensively for the industry. Specializations are available in the field of Analytics and Database management in this program.

Career options in the field of Software Engineering and Software Architecture can be explored once BTech CSE Cloud Computing has been done.

PhD Cloud Computing

This 3-year program focuses on web application technologies as they are used in mobile phones or computers. Those who have an interest in creating an interface between web services and users and would like to ensure that safe usage of the internet gets advocated should opt for PhD Cloud Computing.

Students are taught new and innovative methods of storing, accessing and sharing resources and information. They also learn to develop, maintain and fix processes that enable communication among computers through networks.

After completion of PhD Cloud Computing, positions like Data Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Business Intelligence Analyst, Application Consultant and Operation Support Engineer open up.

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Cyber Security

BTech CSE Cyber Security

If you are someone who has an interest in designing practices that protect computers, networks, software etc, CSE in Cyber Security with definitely prove to be of your liking. Modules and curriculum at Shoolini University have been designed for students keeping all these aspects in mind so that they remain a step ahead of the competition.

Research in areas like Virtualization, Exploit Development, Malware Analysis, Core Android etc is available and students can consider careers in fields like Security Analysis, Security Engineering, Security Architecture, Security Software Development etc. when they complete BTech CSE Cyber Security.

PhD Cyber Security

This 3-year doctoral degree program will interest those who like to find out more about different cybercrimes and work on safeguarding confidential information that is stored on computers and servers.

Components like programming, network security, software engineering and the design and security of the operating systems are covered in PhD Cyber Security. Upon completion of PhD Cyber Security, the students can consider career positions like Chief Information Security Officer, Forensic Computer Analyst, Information Security Analyst, Security Architect, IT Security Engineer and IT Security Consultant.

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In addition to different BTech and higher study options in form of PhD courses, students can also opt for PG Diploma in AI & Data Science, Animation & Graphics, Cloud Computing and Design Thinking.

The faculty at Shoolini University is highly trained and experienced. The faculty members come from reputed institutions like Oxford, IITs and IIMs. They have years of experience and have guided many students in their masters and doctoral-level research.

Eligibility for BTech CSE courses

For enrolling in BTech Programs students should have 60% in 10+2 with mathematics as a compulsory subject. They should also have a qualifying score in CUCET/NEET/JEE or Shoolini Universitys multiple choice entrance.

For admission to PhD programs, students should have a four-year graduation degree with research or two years masters degree in Computer Science/Engineering or a related discipline with a minimum of 55% marks.

Why choose Yogananda School of AI, Computers and Data Science?

With 3000+ placements, 250+ global alliances and 1100+ patents filed, Shoolini University, an institution that has been listed as a top global 200 university (THE Impact Rankings-2022) is the perfect place to pursue a career in CSE.

The school has collaborations with IBM, offers industry, recognised certifications, has a diamond rating by QS-I Gauge, and the support of Microsoft and AWS Academy. Moreover, students get to learn from the best in the industry and have academic mentorship opportunities for live projects. The university also has a vibrant placement cell that has ensured 100% placement of students over the years in leading companies in the sector.


The employment opportunities in the field of CSE are projected to grow by 13 per cent in the next five to seven years. More emphasis is being paid to segments like cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, etc. The need is, therefore, to identify your interest, prioritise your goals and choose a specialisation in the field of Computer Science Engineering that can help you achieve your goals and accomplish your dreams. 

And Yogananda School of AI, Computers and Data Science at Shoolini University is the place to do so!

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