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We are committed to perfection in teaching, learning, and research. Our aim is to create pioneers in the field of law who can make a difference with their high-impact analytical skills and innovative talent, both at the Bar and Bench. Our School brings together various disciplines of Law and Criminology in a thriving academic environment.

At the School of Law, we prepare students for a range of professions that enable them to create a positive change in the society, combining high-quality education with the skills needed for a successful academic or professional career. They learn and develop both legal and transferable skills, such as the ability to understand and analyse complex legal issues and present persuasive arguments orally and in writing. 

Our students are at the heart of the Law School. We provide unique and contemporary education, from undergraduate to PhD level, boosting our students’ prospects with experiential learning opportunities, such as working with our legal aid clinics, in-house internships, and placements with a range of reputed offices.

Law has always been considered as a front for the destitute and we endeavour to create sentinels for the society by providing unparalleled legal knowledge. 

Our programs have been approved by the Bar Council of India.



Study from top legal luminaries such as High Court judges.

Participate in moot courts, Legal Aid clinics & MUNs

Prepare for and ace competitive examinations such as CLAT, State Judicial Services, PCS, and JAG

Courses approved by the Bar Council of India.

Why Enrol?

We integrate real-world expertise with practical skills to enable students to become lawyers who are able to challenge the status quo and deliberate on delicate issues. 

  • Excellent industry-connect to help students explore internships
  • Find reputable placements with renowned companies, law firms and legal advisors
  • Extensive Moot Court experience
  • Engage in semester exchange programs in different countries with our strong linkages and MoUs with global universities


Faculty Members

Our faculty comprises academicians with exposure to global research and teaching experience. We focus on teaching and research equally, to push the boundaries of knowledge gained by top legal luminaries in the sphere of legal sciences, which is the architect of all laws of the land.

The faculty has been doing exceptional work in academics as well as research. 


The School of Law has been doing exceptional work in academics as well as research. Students and faculty members are exposed to rigorous Moot Courts and adjudication by renowned judges and advocates. The curriculum of law programs has been designed to provide best practical exposure to students by regular participation through Summer Schools in Police Stations, High Court, District Courts, Revene Offices and Law Firms. Faculty members continually develop new program offerings that address critical legal issues and prepare students for the complexities of lawyering in an increasingly globalised world.

Research at the Faculty of Legal Sciences is supported by:

  • District Legal Services Authority
  • National/State Pollution Control Boards
  • State Forensic Science Laboratory
  • Himachal Institute of Public Administration (HIPA)
  • Judicial Academy
  • High Court/District Courts



Our ‘Mission 130’ aims at 100 per cent employability of students with 30 per cent in the top companies. Renowned academicians, scientists and business managers are already collaborating with us to make this mission a reality. 

We have a dedicated and student-driven proactive Placement Cell, which looks after all activities related to career development, training and placement of students. 

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